Thursday, 1 January 2015

Time for a new you: Belstaff

SO THE annual clock ticked round to a new dawn and new year, all the promise or resolutions have started and presumably will fail, gym memberships quickly doubling up as beer matts, vapour cigarettes and nicotine patches magically transforming into ‘just one puff, well I’ve had a drink’ and ‘it’s only a packet of 10’.

There is one way to ensure something new happens, something that can kickstart your New Year and new you, that’s not meant to sound evangelical, but adding a new label to your wardrobe is one way to ensure year long happiness. And why not start with the icon that is Belstaff???!!

The Staffordshire based label, which has been waterproofing jackets almost as far back as Moses was parting the seas and has been sported by all and sundry over the years, from Steve McQueen, David Beckham, Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, George Clooney, even political heavyweights, or freedom fighters the like of Che Guevara.

When you look at the simple quality you can easily understand why it is a icon of motorcycle leather jackets.
Utilising a simple classic design and never varying far from it, is one of the build blokes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and Belstaff started unbroken way back in the 1920s.

The Roadmaster, full length cotton waxed jacket, which harks to an original design of the 1921 four bellow pocket Trialmaster. It’s all zips, belts and popper cut fastenings, you could ride through a tornado in this and provided your bike can withstand the test, you will be warm and dry and not the least bit cool. 

Black and olive are the two colour choices and of course, sporting the heritage check print inside.

Dropping the check interior print for a one colour yellow, the Sammy Miller utilises the same design Trialmaster design and is based on the jacket worn by ‘British racing legend’ Sammy Miller from 1955 in black.

Swapping cotton for leather, the Panther black, has everything the TM has to offer, with a more boxy finish in body shape, plus some excellent leather and metal badges.
It really is designed for a two-lane black top.

So buckle up, 2015 could have a speedy start, simply choose Belstaff.