Friday, 9 January 2015

The Grenson guarantee

Guarantees and terms used to describe or explain them and the history there of, are synonymous with our fair nation.
For example the term ‘Copper bottomed’, as in Copper Bottomed deal originates from the Battle of Trafalgar, in which the British Navy led by Horatio Nelson defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets in 1805.

During said naval battle, the winds dropped and the normal sail powered ships failed to move, Commander Cuthbert Collingwood, Nelson’s right hand man as it where, had a ship named The Royal Sovereign which was able, due to its newly fitted copper lined hull, to strike at the French fleet and help win the battle.

Hence the term Copper Bottomed.
The same could be said for Triple Welt, which is a known guarantee of quality, comfort and durability when it comes to high quality men’s shoes and Grenson has been using this approach since its inception in 1800.

Triple Welt or Goodyear Welted as it is properly known, is truly the standard by which all shoes should be gauged, real artisanal shoemaking and of course, it is unique to the Northamptonshire manufacturer.
Available in the shoes Archie and Fred creations, which of course in themselves are guarantees of good taste.
Now many of you have either drawled over or had the joy of wearing the fabulous Archie shoes, I have a pair in tan. They are simply a shoe in which you wish you owned all the colour variations coming as they do in black or mahogany, the latter a finish that must go down as one of the sexiest shoe finishes I have ever seen.

The Fred Calf brogue boots, with the same colour finishes are just eight-hole lace up version on a stunning theme, and come in black, brown, mahogany or tan.
A variation of finishes, not colours, just subtle leather differences is also clear on the shoes and boots, with Grenson’s six week completion process, made up of more than 200 individual processes, ensuring you don’t get a guarantee like this easily, but anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

Adding the inscription of The Triple Welt on the hand crafted leather sole really seals this deal of quality.