Thursday, 15 January 2015

Denim Death Match: Armani Jeans v Nudie

IN THE blue corner, hailing out of Gothenburg, Sweden, a city famed for its expensive beers, cleanliness and from a country with a huge propensity for hardcore pornography it’s Nudie  Jeans and in the, er blue corner, hailing from Milan, Italy, a city famed for its stylish attitude it’s Armani Jeans.

In what could be seen as a clash of the year’s denim jean titans, not exactly Giant Haystacks versus Big Daddy, or to use common WWE athletes, and I use the term athlete I the loosest term possible, Macho Man Randy Savage and Triple H, but each label does bring its own particular styles and approaches to any clash there might be.

Armani has always had that staple approach of being stylish, but Armani Jeans introduces a wider range of colour usage, it has a playful side to it, while still maintaining that perfect edge.
Nudie on the other hand has a more relaxed approach, or fighting style, growing and improving with age, like a fine wine, the statement coming in various forms as the jeans, while Armani’s statement comes straight out of the blocks.

Take the J21 dark wash regular, it’s all beautiful contrast stitching and crisp lines and metal logo, or the Jo8 Midwash, with nice red stitch touches, bringing a relaxed edge to it, with easier feel jumpers and jackets, T-shirts and shirts, all having that specific AJ feel, with a tighter reign, and always sporting the famous Armani eagle badge, be it in a metal or stitched on logo format.

Coming in a tighter range of colours is the only, even the logo is more relaxed, the off shaped easily scrawled N, some of the jeans have pocket stitching of the famous Nudie swirl, while some sport nothing at all for example in the Steady Eddie Selvage, as compared to the Steady Eddie Tonal dry.
Ostensibly the same jean, that looks completely different.

The jeans and stunning leather jackets, offer a mix of feels and approaches, with the denim acting as a canvas on which they fall perfectly.
The only uniformity to Nudie, is its lack of it, while AJ is built on those foundations.

I am not sure whether one of these wins over the other, they really provide something different and desirable, and of course they are loved and worn by their varying adoring owners, so you could say never the twain, as I do not imagine fans of one, would be joining the other side too easily.
In fact getting these two sides of this into a ring, would be an interesting way of discussing things.
What was it Ken Watanabe said in the latest Godzilla reboot?

Oh yes, ‘Let them fight’.