Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What's not to like? Shoes Like Pottery

WHAT IS there not to like about Shoes Like Pottery?

All that beautifully crafted, vulcanised or Ka-Ryu , processes and simple colour choices, (white, black or blue) they are so Japanese it's unreal. All that attention to detail and always adding something a little different. 
Hand assembled and sewn, these versions on the classic tennis shoe are, well, stand out.

I love the ink stamped logo on the side of the sole, along with the matching contrast blue soles.

That really is the key to those delights, attention to detail in the creative process and simplicity of design, which allows the wearer to know they are buying something cared for and well built, that they can fit into their wardrobe easily, that will enhance not to take over.


The only down side I can see, is that they sell out so quickly, better get a move on then hadn't I?