Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Perfect balance, with New Balance

NOW THE mung bean salad tossing brigade or the Bikram hot yoga gang may tell you it’s the pursuit of a work life balance that makes for a happy life.

This in some ways may be right, but for The Colonel immediate happiness is quiet easily achieved through purchasing New Balance trainers.

It is all about the perfect balance after all.

It is always difficult to gauge exactly why one type of trainers, or trainer manufacturer instils such affection and adoration, but New Balance does it or has it and in spades.

It could be the fact that the company produced the world’s first running shoe with its Trackster in the 1960, or that it produces its shoes both Stateside and in England, obviously touching brand loyalty with this approach, with the shoes being made in Cumbria since the early 1980s.

Or it could be, well not for me, the expert design points, such as the size selections adapting for extra wide or slimmer, gel inserts and Empac heal support.

It is simply because they look cracking, for me it is all about the aesthetics with New Balance.

Every time I buy a pair and I have recently purchased the M670 SKO in black, I always get a knowing nod or comment from the assistant, something along the lines of: ‘You cannot go wrong with New Balance’.

Then there is always a brief conversation about their favourite one from the latest ranges, or the ones they are aiming to buy.

After a tortured half-hour mulling over the M670, or M576 KGS also in black, oh and the M670 in bright orange and the M576 PLG in grey suede. See what I mean, it is never simple, but then that’s part of the joy, I made my decision.

The superbly worked suede upper and mesh combination used in the ranges, plus that iconic N logo on the side of the trainers, is always easy on the eye, and has any fan of the brand looking to see the subtle variations of new designs. This season the stand out has to be the M576Mod khaki shoe.

I don’t think I have furniture that is as comfortable as this stunning shoes, fur lined Parka style, suede upper, this limited edition, with the added touch a Union Flag embossed on both heals just shows me why I and so many others love these shoes.

New Balance get the Balance between style, functionality and performance perfectly.