Thursday, 27 November 2014

HyperGrand: The times they are a changing

IN MANY ways the men’s watch has always been the last piece of any fashionable wardrobe, with owners having to choose either one design or another: sports or dress.
This one way timepiece street is due in one part to cost issues, with a lot of ‘kettles’, (kettle means watch in Cockney rhyming slang), being expensive and in the second, due to an historic lack of flexibility.

Those days are well and truly gone with the HyperGrand range of reasonably priced men’s watches, being completely interchangeable, oh and very, very cool.
Creating a vast amount of interest, HyperGrand are as individual as their owners, with a sleek design, varying dials, hands and of course straps, with Stuarts London bringing the brand to town.

The brand’s NATO strap allows for the full range of watches to be switched around, so a sports strap, as featured on the Sweeney watch, a crisp clear one winder mechanism in a stainless steel case, can be moved onto the more dress watch style of the three winder Nautical Blue, which initially comes with a leather strap.

The watch casings vary in depth and colouring, and this plus a reasonable price, or should that be a realistic price range, make HyperGrand exactly as the name says ‘grand’.

As the brand says of itself: ‘We create products that allow a spectrum of individual expression’.
With the upcoming festive season’s party merry-go-round meaning countless wardrobe changes, the chameleon ability of the HyperGrand range, means there could not be a better time to add one to your wardrobe and express your individuality.

The times they are a changing.