Thursday, 27 November 2014

3,2,1 and we are live: Lacoste Live

TWINS are not always the same, this rule also goes for brothers they all have their differences, they may be minute, they may be glaring, but they are there, if you look hard enough.
And so it is with Lacoste and it’s younger brother or brand twin Lacoste Live.

Live is definitely the irreverent young buck, in some ways the cooler sibling, with a propensity to chuck in contemporary designs, the one the girls eye playfully. 
It is of course a matter of choice, and Lacoste Live is a citadel, not in the classic sense of being fortified, but it is a smaller city within the confines of the big one, or label, that is Lacoste.
The two choose different tracks within the same route. Big brother with all of his timeless style, classic looks ranging back since he kicked off being a cool kid in 1933, while Live trades on its youth, playing with the classic styles of its big sibling, adding new angles where edges may have been rounded off.
From a design aspect the label has given itself a wonderful space to rework its creations, a great idea.
There is definitely no case of one over the other as all the expected Lacoste refined quality, is here the two are one or under one umbrella. 
Yet they are perfectly different.

The main feel of this season’s range is relaxed, from sweats, to hooded sweats, to image styled T-shirts. It’s all fleeces thrown over shoulders, casual and cool, but with little intricacies such as the tri-colour trim on the cuffs, with all stocked by Stuarts London.
The fleeces, ultra slim sweatshirts come in natural (cream), noir (black) or ultramarine (navy), while the ultra slim cut continues throughout. 
In the polo range I love the classic pique shirt, with a marled pattern which gives a beautiful soft feel to the cotton in the Myrtillier Chine, while the rest of the range hark back to the iconic men’s pique polo shirt.
You know the two button placket icon.
Introducing a quilted detail to various garments such as the Paladium Chine polo, which sports the design on the shoulders and arms, while the sweats, in light grey and black sport it throughout contrasting he ribbed cliffs and waistband works well.
It’s a plain canvas in many ways that runs through the range, until of course you drop in the Otaku printed twill shirt, which also comes, of a fashion in a noir polo.
This delicious ghost like flower print is as much of a contrast as the lighthearted print image shirts, such as the Honet , with its transformer come robot print, while the City Noir t-shirt is a two tone treat, all 50s image quality.
The hooded sweats are again simple yet stylised, some with contrast inner lining, some without.
The American preppy look drops in with the Varsity striped two tone green and cream button through jacket, the colour set up of contrast arms appears again in the Block jersey, and the Paladium noir. 

There are button down shirts and a bomber jacket and a stunning skinny fit denim shirt, while the warmth comes in the shape of the Iguana multi pocket jacket, button through while the contrast orange lining provides a fun touch and the shearling collar the obvious comfort and warmth as things get chilly.
Two completely different jumpers the Jacquard knit and Marled Farine provide a great example of the various sides to this range, one a soft monochrome crew neck, the other a three banded Jacquard pattern of blues and yellows, whites and blacks, with contrast ribbed cuffs and waistband.
One side of the road to the other, but both producing a beautiful winter warmer, just like the brothers.
Perfectly different.