Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What's good for the Canada Goose

NOW YOU can have style and sensible attire, you know the kind that keeps you warm whatever the weather, it really is down to what choice of heavy duty winter jacket wear you choose.

Straight off the bat with the it’s always worth bringing in the big guns, you know the type of jackets that you could go to war in or trek the Antarctic and walk away smiling.

The choice for this level has to be Canada Goose, in fact I could devote a whole section to them. In fact I will.
The big boy of the range is the Citadel parka. This thigh level coat has everything you could think of to keep out the big freeze and high winds of winter.

Everything here is either heavy duty or heavy lined and so on. Even the YKK 2-way zip of heavy duty, it is also four fleece lined, with zippered hand warmer pockets, along with extra chest and lower pockets, while the zipper has an insulated Velcro© storm flap, oh and of course there is ‘high pile fleece’ chin guard.

The removable Coyote, fur ruff adjustable hood even has cord locks to make sure your ears are kept extra warm.
The Citadel comes in tan, black or graphite.

The top of the range coat is the Expedition, which is a slightly smaller body jacket, ribbed cuffs and all as with the Citadel, the water resistant and elasticised nylon snow shirt lining makes the difference. Coming in Pacific blue and black it also has tunnel 2-way ruff fur hood, the style of which was made famous by Kenny from South Park. This is the new kid on the block.

Keeping the same parka style, but reducing the pockets, is The Chateau, which goes for two covered sides, and one hidden chest pocket, button fastened over the front zipper block.
It comes in graphite, black and a delicious military green.

The common or garden Bomber jacket has never looked as fully loaded as this one, the Chilliwack Bomber is about as military based as you can get and looks like the type of the thing pilots on the Atlantic convoys in WWII would have donned to ensure safe flying, in those life or death missions.

Removable ruff fur hood, with tunnel finish, hand warmer pockets, which are fleece lined, make this the most flexible jacket in the range.

The black jacket looks incredible, with all the touches such s pocket stitching hidden against the one set colour. 
It also comes in navy.

For gillets see the Freestyle, button and zip through, two deep pockets, a longer back panel to keep your arse warm when things get chilly. The Freestyle in red, navy or graphite offers you an all round garment, evenings etc, well you have to keep it mobile on the piste.