Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Style fit for: McQueen 'King of Cool'

"I scrounged around for the next couple of years, trying to get the scam on the human race and just where the hell I fitted in - I discovered there were no openings." Steve McQueen, actor and King of Cool.

Whether he honestly thought he fitted into the status quo or not, McQueen blazed a trail of his own and not just with the ladies, on the silver screen or on the race tracks of the world. He set the tone in the world of fashion. 

A nonchalant style which can only be described as ubér cool.
But what was his best look? Well for it’s simple as it’s also one of his easiest approachable the laid back, simple colour sets style in the 1968 cult cop classic Bullitt, Mustang fastback and all.
In other words avoiding the leather chaps of the Magnificent Seven and the stark pyjamas of Papillon.
The look is timeless and easily flexible, combining navy blue, with a contrast beige from the rain and of course those long, now arrived desert boots. The only thing you may struggle with is the gun and holster.
Now of course the man himself sported a roll neck, but as it’s summer a crew neck jumper or V-neck with polo will also work perfectly. The John Smedley Belvoir indigo roll neck is the one of choice though for this look.
Combining the right look in tight fit, without carrying patterns such as cable knit, the Woolrich Mill navy jumper or the Melange v-neck work well the simple clean lines in 100 per cent wool, while the Melange has a shallow enough neck to still hold the look.
Clean lines are all with this style, clean and relaxed with just the right mouth of formal, so the Levi’s 511 Bedford blue pants, slim fit tapered leg ideal.
Altering the look slightly the Farah Duke Hopsack trousers are a nice twist, zip fly, slim fit in delicious Hopsack fabric.
The boots are Sanders Snuff Chukka boot that complete this look, lace up, leather lined, crepe sole in brown and of course beautiful. They also come in Dirty buck (Tan) green or navy.

Now the man himself also dropped in a brown sports jacket and in occasional scenes in the film a tan ran mac. 
The Gibson Marl brown wool blazer has a similar feel, and contrasts nicely with the Chukka boots. Two button single breasted, single vent two hand pockets make it. 
Then of course the Baracuta Trench works this look well and either of the two side pockets are the perfect place to hold your Persol square tortoise sunglasses.

Now where is that Mustang and of course Ally McGraw?