Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Memory Lane of sorts

IT MAY still technically be summer, officially that went a little while back, but I am excited by the new A/W 1arrivals, but what lover of clothes and new looks wouldn’t be?
This is the twist, I have been perusing the new lines on offer and I feel nostalgic for a return of the Seventies scarf, jumper, hat link up. 

I am of course picturing a hybrid: think Ian Dury New Boots and Panties, minus the skinhead, or smatterings of Mud and a smattering of early Dexy's Midnight Runners. I don't know, just a feeling.

I am not saying the whole look, just some garments from Minimum and other labels has a smack of that time and has got my mind racing for a new version of an old classic.

Alright, well as I have mentioned them I am making them my starting point, that and the fantastic wool hats that are themselves like a trip down Memory Lane.

The Bern range of scarves coming in green, grey, navy or dark grey have that classic loop knit, with ribbed ends and a leather logo on the scarf end.

There is also a cable knit wool, nylon mix and small brown leather logo in the Soil, or if it’s a contrast colour you want the waffle knit Ricky, coming in bordeaux work wonders.
This lambswool, cotton and camel mix scarf is a classic.

The Vancouver hat, which combines the same rib and knit pattern, with logo on the front and just smacks of years gone by.

The Folk Clothing layer scarves in navy or red, are a beautiful ribbed two tone knit offering. 
Keeping on the ribbed tip, although these ones are horizontal not vertical, which is technically a hoop, but I will keep my QPR allegiance out of this.

The Gant Rugger wool scarf in green or blue is also a simple success, combining comfort with a distinctive style.

Another couple of hats that fit this look perfectly come from the Barbour stable in the shape of the Tyne Turnback that comes in a ribbed grey, with fleck finish and small Barbour metal logo, or try the Melrose, which is a grey Fairisle beanie hat and looks corking.

OK so there’s the denim and a plain jumper is what I am plumping for, there can also be variations, a pair of Edwin Nashville Selvedge’s, subtle, but class, or the Tellason Ladbroke Grove tapered Selvedge or a lighter blue with the Levi’s Vintage 1955 XX rigid Selvedge

These all work well and are at the top of their game as far as denims are concerned.

As for a plain, classic jumper I reckon the Paul Smith crew neck tipped or one the V or crew neck Woolrich Mill range of simple single colour quality jumpers. I am only suggesting a pain jumper to enhance to the knit pattern of the scarf and hat.

Now in the olden days bovver boots might have been the de rigueur choice, but as I said this part classic needs a modern twist, it gets it with some of the new running shoe releases.

This season’s new releases offer such an amazing range of colours and styles the choices are endless.

Plumping for colour ranges I reckon the Nike Air Huarache Catalina gold shoe. This is a re-release of a 1991 icon, with a mixture of leather, Neoprene and Spandex paneling for extra comfort and looks pretty amazing. It also comes in black spade blue.

Saucony, has made a welcome return, especially with its Shadow range, and yes there are six to choose from. I reckon the Shadow 6000 in red does the trick for this.

The suede and mesh upper, plus chunky XT 600 sole has style and obviously comfort, but I was drawn by the colouring of the shoe using red and light grey superbly.

If you fancy going down the boot route, then you could not do much better than the Red Wing Blacksmith, Heritage or Copper boots, which are a shade variation victory.

For my eyes the Heritage round toe, lace up, in suede (premium Hawthorne Mullskinner) to be precise with Goodyear welted soles shows all of its over 100 years of work boot class.

Or the Copper leather, which has a dulled or ‘oil tanned’ leather finish, increased tread with Goodyear Welt soles.

 Now you can be called a 'scarfer' with pride.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Put some zoom in your groom

STARTING the day properly with a quality shower and shave is the only way to go, now S.L.M. has of course covered the best way to shave using a badger hair brush with Baxter in the first edition, but carrying your grooming implements in style is an essential part of the whole process.

The only real question of these perfect carriers is whether to call them Travel or Dopp kits.

Filson offer a nice entrant with its 7021 Travel Kit bag that comes in navy, tan or Otter green.

The water repellent fully lined (nylon) with two interior pockets. On the outside the kit comes with a one-way brass zipper with leather pull, two exterior pockets, Bridle leather trim and a leather loop handle and it’s very nice.

Now that’s the Travel Kit, here comes the Dopp Kit fans starting with Want Les Essentials De La Vie with its Kenyatta kit.
The terrific bags have a pull up wipeable interior, as opposed to the water repellent of the Filson’s.

The Want bags come with finer finishes such as magnetic side closures to the interior pocket and tailored slots for ‘standard toiletries’ there are lots of nice touches to these bags such as the two tone YKK zipper, leather trim on the bottom of the bag and band across the top with tassel zip pulls.

Of course they also feature a leather name tag on one side.
The Want bags come in checker, black and beige finishes.

If it’s a bit off the wall colours you are after the Herschel Chapter’s are the one for you.
Smaller in size than the others mentioned, the Chapter has a hooked carry handle comes with a poly fabric lining, leather zip to fasten and pull, which is waterproof. With the Rust Polka Dot being a bright and fun finish.
There is also an external pocket with zipper fastening. 

The Hunt also provides a bright smattering of two-tone colour with yellow top and handle, contrasting a green lower with horses hunting print. inside the colour continues with a red and white deck chair stripe. 

They all feature a nice touch: The welcome sign. 

Along with your shaving accoutrements don’t forget your toothpaste, Marvis is a good start, plus you could slip in the mint mouthwash or Eau de Bouche.

Now get packing.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Keeping the chill out for summer

AS THE summer does it’s usual and provides some torrential downpours there is always that moment between looking cool and dressing appropriately to avoid dropping temperatures.

There is no need to ditch the shorts, as the heat has not gone, just choose some slightly heavier polos or plump for a shirt t-shirt combination and all will be fine.

Working nice with any dark navy shorts the Gant Rugger Awining stripe polo with three button, contrast collar and ‘irregular’ stripe pattern.

The Orlebar Brown Terry towelling polos provides super cool looks in a warmer garment finish. Chest pocket, curved back and hem and comes in four different colours Lagoon (green), Riva (blood red), Navy and Sky (light blue).

The Merc Olsen polo has a softer brush cotton finish that always keeps off a chill, three-button placket and chest pocket coming in navy or cream.

The Hardy Amies knitted polo is also a slightly heavier finish, three-button placket once again slim fit in olive or navy
Very nice.

The Common People Berry grey geometric and marled short sleeved shirts work perfectly, button down collar. The Paul Smith Kamon print is another day into night shirt, in a tailored fit.

Worn open with a crew neck t-shirt maybe the Our Legacy Clothing raglan shirt is a light delight, of course plumping for the Hugo Boss Underwear three pack or Edwin classics two-pack of crisp white crew neck t-shirts.

The Iceberg Charlie Brown white or silhouette shirts providing a light-hearted addition or plump for the Paul Smith rabbit shirt or the Adidas Originals Trefoil Oddity shirts coming in white, grey or ink.

Keeping cool never felt so warm.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Style fit for: McQueen 'King of Cool'

"I scrounged around for the next couple of years, trying to get the scam on the human race and just where the hell I fitted in - I discovered there were no openings." Steve McQueen, actor and King of Cool.

Whether he honestly thought he fitted into the status quo or not, McQueen blazed a trail of his own and not just with the ladies, on the silver screen or on the race tracks of the world. He set the tone in the world of fashion. 

A nonchalant style which can only be described as ubér cool.
But what was his best look? Well for it’s simple as it’s also one of his easiest approachable the laid back, simple colour sets style in the 1968 cult cop classic Bullitt, Mustang fastback and all.
In other words avoiding the leather chaps of the Magnificent Seven and the stark pyjamas of Papillon.
The look is timeless and easily flexible, combining navy blue, with a contrast beige from the rain and of course those long, now arrived desert boots. The only thing you may struggle with is the gun and holster.
Now of course the man himself sported a roll neck, but as it’s summer a crew neck jumper or V-neck with polo will also work perfectly. The John Smedley Belvoir indigo roll neck is the one of choice though for this look.
Combining the right look in tight fit, without carrying patterns such as cable knit, the Woolrich Mill navy jumper or the Melange v-neck work well the simple clean lines in 100 per cent wool, while the Melange has a shallow enough neck to still hold the look.
Clean lines are all with this style, clean and relaxed with just the right mouth of formal, so the Levi’s 511 Bedford blue pants, slim fit tapered leg ideal.
Altering the look slightly the Farah Duke Hopsack trousers are a nice twist, zip fly, slim fit in delicious Hopsack fabric.
The boots are Sanders Snuff Chukka boot that complete this look, lace up, leather lined, crepe sole in brown and of course beautiful. They also come in Dirty buck (Tan) green or navy.

Now the man himself also dropped in a brown sports jacket and in occasional scenes in the film a tan ran mac. 
The Gibson Marl brown wool blazer has a similar feel, and contrasts nicely with the Chukka boots. Two button single breasted, single vent two hand pockets make it. 
Then of course the Baracuta Trench works this look well and either of the two side pockets are the perfect place to hold your Persol square tortoise sunglasses.

Now where is that Mustang and of course Ally McGraw?