Thursday, 19 June 2014

It's all kicking off with Fred Perry

THE SIMPLEST things are generally the best, the most iconic and the most memorable. With the world in them middle of its four yearly or quadrennial football frenzy, this time in what is perceived by many to be the spiritual home of the beautiful game, Brasil.

I realise I not telling anyone who does not live under a rock, anything that they do not already know as far as the World Cup is concerned, and as i type this many of you will be beginning to feel the buzz of PMT (Pre-Match Tension) as Woy’s Boys get ready for their fight for survival in the group stages.

So as the average crowd of sheep will be donning their shirts, in a  bid to stand out, and of course they will simply blend in, what better way to show a true understanding of the style of the beautiful game and also to be singularly stylish in a sea of similarity, than with one of the Fred Perry Authentic’s ‘Country Collection’?!

The fact that the shirts’ starting point is as iconic as a 4-4-2, with the legendary two button, twin tipped collar polo, could not be any better. As I said simplicity. While the subtle use of laurel and country name, just tops this shirt off perfectly.

With the England shirt for example, the body is a crisp white, red twin tipped collars, double button placket, of which the branded buttons are framed in red and fronted in white, with contrast red cuffs, red laurel and England embroidered underneath. It is simple, effective and like Geoff Hurst in front of goal in a World Cup final, it works, perfectly.

National colours abound with the French coming in a fabulous blue, white tips and laurel, red cuffs and name on chest.
The Italian shirt comes with green twins, white laurel and name with red cuffs. 

The Japanese shirt is a mixed blue and white, while Portugal has green tips, cuffs and yellow laurel and name, maroon body. 
The German shirt, or Deutschland, has red cuffs, yellow laurel and name and black twin tips.

The first shirt to already be out of the tournament, Spain, is a red and yellow combination, while the hosts’ shirt is the iconic yellow and blue, with name in blue and laurel green and for Holland or Nederland, the iconic orange has contrast blue cuffs with red twin tips and white laurel and name.

The best thing about the shirts are that they will obviously still remain stylish, long after the final whistle of this summer’s biggest sporting event has been blow, so you can always wear your colours with pride, no matter how badly your country does in the sweltering Rio heat. And what better way to don the shirt and show your skills, than by kicking around a replica of the Slazenger ball used in the 1966 4-2 triumph?!!! The ball is a printed with match and final score and is a limited edition.