Sunday, 15 June 2014

Get Decked Out with Fred Perry

FOR SOME reason using the term ‘Get decked out’ and linking it with Fred Perry always reminds me of the iconic Brighton Bank Holiday ruckuses down on the coast, where the MODs and the Rockers showed what can only be described as ‘bit of a dislike towards each other’.
Well the iconic laurel label has come out with a series of shirts and t-shirts this summer that stir up memories of that era and those scooter led seaside runs.

Coming over all Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene with its classic red, white and blue striped colouring the Tipped Seaside Fire polo is a collaboration with Southsea Deckchairs, utilising the iconic deckchair stripe synonymous with the British seaside and hazy summer days.

I love the nod to the iconic chair that has seated generations of holiday makers, by also using wooden buttons on the two button placket, (continued through the range) this shirt has a touch of the iconic boating blazer about it as well with variable band width stripes running through the garment.

The Kingsfisher version uses variants of navy and a light French blue in the same process and considering the two are so similar in design, they really are not when sat side by side.

The series is furthered with block stripe Holiday Royal shirt, using solid red and white stripes or blue and white, once again the wooden buttons are present, with a matching colour laurel on the chest pocket and button collar. 
Southsea Deckchairs is printed on the hem of the short sleeve shirt, but the most striking piece of this beautiful garment is the finish. 

The slightly distressed finish of all deck chairs in the weave is visible in the coloured stripe on the shirts. 
The fact that this is a lightweight shirt only adds to the effect, I find myself looking at the finish of the fabric constantly, it resonates with memories of holidays of yesteryear. 

You can almost smell the sea air when you look at it and I am not being over the top, at least I don’t think I am.
Finishing off the Southsea collaboration is the Beach Stripe long sleeve shirt, with muted blue crest on the chest pocket, uses a similar distressed desk chair finish to the fabric: chest pocket, wooden button down and front fasten, long sleeve shirt with a thinner stripe pattern and contrast stripe cuffs. 

The blue is classed as carbon blue, while the green shirt, which features the blue laurel on the chest pocket is known as Private, which I believe refers to the changing ‘cabanas’ that would have been used on beaches in years gone bye.

Although not part of the series, the Sharp carbon blue t-shirt has a thin hooped (striped) pattern in blue and white, with a nice deep blue crew neck and contrast maroon laurel on the chest in slim fit, is a nice addition to the seaside season.

Now get your skates on mate, or get your Vespa or Lambretta started, the seaside is calling.