Monday, 7 April 2014

Fanfare for the Common People

IN THE words of Sheffield Sex City’s most famous songster Jarvis Cocker from Pulp: ‘I wanna live with common people’. The 1990s anthemic hit unlike the uber hip clothing label if the same name, was based on posh people slumming it, while the Kestin Hare created Common People label, is built around a communal interest in quality workmanship and design.

Hare, former Head of Design at Nigel Cabourn, has in the words of the label itself: 'Created a movement back to provenance and focuses on premium quality, craftsmanship and local sourcing to create a contemporary product with identity’.

Now I think we can all recognise and associate with that and although it is easy to feel a link with the beautifully crafted clothes, understanding a Scottish summer holiday may not be all that easy to grasp, and that, along with 1970’s field trips are part of the essence of the new collection.

You can see the 1970s link with some of the prints used in the SS14 range, first off the bat is the Barry Geometric short sleeved shirt.
The print is Celtic inspired and is a delight with grey and yellow tones, button down collar and neck, which is just over French in style. I particularly like the lighter colouring on the sleeve ends.

The Invergarry navy shirt, once again in short sleeve, is button through, with wooden buttons in a relaxed Hawaiian style, with five button front and open collar, again sporting a Celtic-inspired specially developed print. While the Dura is all navy, with a ‘pin knit’ construction, two chest pockets in a tailored fit and combines relaxed with precision, marled buttons and short hem.

The Flodigarry is very similar to the Barry, with a light grey print with adjustable button cuffs, cat eye buttons and button down collar, with a to die for finish.
The navy colouring is also sported on the lovely Glendale blazer, which has the most delightful lining, which even to most unromantic among you looks exactly like the sun rising over mountains. The double vent tailored fit jacket has two side pockets with flap closure, double button front fastening and chest pocket and is a linen cotton mix.

The Barium t-shirt has a lighter blue chest pocket flap and has a rib finish, which is delicious.
Or the staple wear Inverness jumper with lock-stitching detailing to ensure the chill off the Scottish summer is firmly kept at bay.
The Inverness really is the only bit of formalised wear in the range, more workman like, in style, while in a lighter blue, well denim, Alperton heavy weight raglan shirt, made of French towelling and non-flap button fasten chest pocket is a fabulous contrast garment.

The perfect matching between blazers and the t-shirts and shirts from CP is excellent, relaxed yet stylised.
Dropping the Lomond ecru t-shirt into the mix is a master-stroke coming in yellow or grey the all over print is a delight and definitely of its time, button chest pocket and button fastening cuffs, while the Montrose crew neck, raglan long sleeve shirt in slim fit in either red or yellow with black neck and pocket top shifts the scenery somewhat.

The other delightful thing about Common People is the fact that all the ranges fit perfectly together, they have, you might say something in c
ommon or there is a common theme or …

I will stop with the common puns now.