Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ringing the Bellroy for wallets

OPERATING BETWEEN the margins is something of common parlance now, its is the ‘known’ place where the gold can really lives, where individuality and optimum can be found and of course pursued.
And so it proved design duo Andrew Fallshaw and Hadrien Monloup founders of Bellroy, who struggling to create products they not so much ‘really’ believed in for their employers, but that filled what the Australian duo saw as a gap.

That gap was in their own words; ‘what a sport/youth market could afford, and the very high prices luxury brands were charging. Building to price restricts how good you can make something and on the other end, charging the world for 'status' is just silly’.
Building blocks are essential, as are ideals, and before the starting gun was even sounded on this innovative label, their aim for; ‘more efficient carrying, better access, increased protection for contents’ and all of course in the slimmest, highest quality wallet product possible, were set in stone.

The devil really is in the detail.

Fallshaw and Monloup began striking out from their well renowned employers with a blog in 2009, which was smartly named Carryology.
Aimed at stirring up the emotions of everything bags and ‘carry’ based, the site acted as a spur for the duo who began vital drawing board work on their new designs.
Again the margins aspect came into play, with the light-bulb moment that the one area of Carryology that needed changing the most, coming soon after.
That area was the humble, and now not, so humble wallet.

To put it in the words of Bellroy, wallet designs and styles were in the ‘stone age’.
The company name taken from a split between the two areas in Australia that combine another ideal of the brand, the combination between ‘active and urban’, Fitzroy and Bells Beach.
And by 2010, the brand launched its first lines, and quickly becamse the heroes of wallet design.

Part two to come: