Monday, 24 February 2014

OK Commuter with Levi's

IT WAS his holiness of indie rock Stephen Malkmus, of cult band Pavement, who sang: ‘I’ve got style, miles and miles. So much style that it’s wasting’
The California born songster could well have been singing about the Commuter range from Levis, which in its fifth year is pushing the boundaries of style on pedals further and further, with new innovations in durability, safety, comfort and of course style.

Strictly aiming itself at the slick round town cyclist, no room for Chris Frome here, this is definitely inner city peddling garments at its best, although it must be said that you can imagine Sir Bradley Wiggins the recognised Ace Face of bikes, and entrant into the fashion world with his Fred Perry range of tops and jackets, sporting some.

The Commuter range is definitely at Le Tete de La Course.

Utilising the 511 slim/skinny as the building block for the range, dropping in the Trucker denim jacket, this is as the brand suggests, ‘clothing for people who ride bikes, designed by those that cycle’.

And some natty touches such as higher waistbands, or utility, designed to avoid unsightly ‘under-cracker’ flashes, along with extra comfort, with reinforcing of vital areas of each garment, for example; crotch, belt loops, pockets and waistbands.

Gone are any images of ‘street wear’, you know that baggy awful relaxed look sported by BMX riders, or the knee high short Americana looks of other brands attempting to put a style on commuter cycling.

The advances in lines, fabrics, colours and design give this line a ‘utility’ which works perfectly with the cityscape or urban environment that they were born to be worn in and it is more than feasible to wear Commuter throughout the day, and then stay in the garments until a night out. 

Not something you could do wearing the usual Lycra gear donned by most road/street cyclists. Well, not if you want to make an impression on your potential date, if that’s what you are planning.

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