Monday, 24 February 2014

Levi's Commuter range is Hot in the City

Levi’s still ringing the bell in Commuter wear:

The link ups, bare with me here, as I do not understand words such as Nanosphere, (but it does sound pretty impressive), with Swiss tech genius’ Schoeller Technologies AG, are ground-breaking. Schoeller’s Nanosphere treatment makes the range not only water-resistant, but able to repel dirt and possibly nuclear bomb proof, well you know.

Sticking with all technological advances Swiss, an obvious issue with sweat is eradicated through the oddly named odor-nixing treatment, which means the garment is permeated with it, so no need for deodorant pit stops either.

I told you it’s all clever stuff, along with the little safety touches, where jacket cuffs and yokes, jean and trouser seams are lined with 3M reflective tape ‘Scotchlite’ as its commonly known, to ensure riders are seen, bright and clear.

Erike Joule, SVP of Levi’s men’s merchandising and design, said of the range; We knew that our jeans were already being worn by urban cyclists across the country. We listened to what they wanted and created a product with performance traits for biking that also functions as daily street wear.”

The stunning hooded, yes hooded, denim Trucker jacket from the range is a delight, in beautiful tailored fit. This wonder has little extras that not only ensure safety and comfort, they really add to the style of this piece. Adjustable velcro cuffs with extended fit, button fastening with a zip fastened back pocket and back inside one are all features.

The button through piece also has two chest pockets, back venting for maximum breathability, along with being odor-resistant, with an extended longer tail. Anyone who cycles will know how important that one little extra touch is.

The 511 five pocket indigo jeans have all the aforementioned additions, coming in slim fit with zip fastening and higher back rise. They look pretty amazing as well.

The 511 black trousers from the range come with four pockets, once again in slim fit design.
They are a lighter weight version when compared to the jeans, but offer the same protection.

All sounds pretty impressive doesn’t it! 

Well with more than 150 years of experience in denim doyenism, what would you expect from the California born icon, that’s always leading from the front?