Sunday, 16 February 2014

Church's New Religion Pt 2:

Returning to the Church of shoe style: 

Concessions and external stockists of which Stuarts London can proudly boast to be, began in earnest in the early 1950s, further enhancing Church’s as an international brand and has seen this icon stand firm in the famous West London shop.

There were always certain rules that went with handmade leather shoes, although traditions such as ‘no browns after six’ and never wearing the same pair of leather shoes two days in a row, to allow for drying out, have somewhat died the death. Although the latter should be adhered to, wherever possible.

So it is with interest to see the new variations and lines that Church's have produced, for example the Hirst 3 Nube shoes, which are as far removed from the classic Church's stylings as you can get.
As part of the spring/summer collection this suede upper lace up shoe, (six eyelets) has a relaxed holiday shoe feel about it. The light colouring and stylised detailed heal, all one piece rubber sole, is a delight. With leather lining and rounded toe. Coming in nube or alternatively blue, maintaining the sole detailing, with white trim, this shoe highlights the brands approach to moving forward.

Then there is the Downtown Dirty brogue. The name itself does not exactly conjure images of the brand and this custom grade grain leather lace shoe (five eyelets) catches the eye for its original look the leather smacks of crocodile skin, the design robust and strong, while heavily stylised, white laces contrast superbly against the grey/white leather and dark sole and heal. It really is a break from the norm.

The Downish blue holds the same styles as the Downtown; sole colouring with slightly darker laces, but a delicious and slightly distressed blue leather upper brogue splits to the two shoes apart, both coming in F fitting, or medium or 6 fitting as it can sometimes be known.

Ian Dury, the pop poet, named his debut album New Boots and Panties, its a tenuous link I know, but the Sahara Chuka boot shows Church's attention to detail beautifully, something that Dury did with his lyrical witticisms.
The boot which is offered in two colours, brown and mud brown, has beautiful contrast stitching on the 100 per cent suede upper, and the beautiful contrast reinforced heel with leather sole is just, well, beautiful. The two eyelet lace up boots, run the line between casual and formal perfectly. This custom grade boot is a delight plain and simple and smacks of everything Church’s, encompassing the style, detailing and craftsmanship of the Northamptonshire giant.

Not meaning to sound irreverent, but a company name could not suit a brand anymore than Church’s, to some they simply are a religion.