Wednesday, 15 January 2014

... Not the same as the old Boss

AS YOU may remember from the first part of this article, the excitement among those involved with the Boss Orange line was palpable as they spoke to me recently.
Not only has the line pushed on to really find its own feet, this second season relationship between Stuarts and the line is seen as the perfect place for both to be.
Speaking to staff at the line terms such ‘really excited to be with Stuarts’ and ‘What Stuarts are thinking totally compliments the line’.
The move is seen as the perfect platform for the line, one they have never really had before.
Boss Orange, although aimed at the younger consumer, really offers a full spectrum, with those younger in mind also finding items that are perfect.
Although the line, which offers detailed tailoring among relaxed styles, has some ‘funky pieces’ that have been taken by Stuarts and are producing a high amount of excitement as the team-up is a great representation of a line that is becoming stronger and standing tall alongside the other Boss ranges.
As the spokesman at Boss said: “Stuarts are exactly the sort of people we want the line to work with.”
Exciting times are ahead … you could say the future really is bright, the future is Orange.