Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Meet the new Boss ...

TIMING REALLY can be everything and so it has proved in the life not only with the Boss Orange line, but with the progressive relationship between Stuarts London and the brand.
Chatting with the staff at Hugo Boss HQ, London I found a line excited and buzzing about the team up, which is in its second season and also about Boss Orange really finding itself, which cannot be easy among such prodigious lines as Hugo Boss offer.
Starting life out as the sports line before Boss Green was launched (golf), Orange was somewhere between stools, drifting towards a lightweight version of Boss Black in the mid-90s, before finally being born ‘officially’ in 1999.

Standing alongside the now fantastic four of Boss; Boss Black, which offers a casual look, Green which of course is the aforementioned golf brand, Hugo, the high fashion end, Orange, which reverted back to the preferred older logo now seen on the line, began to offer its relaxed, urban style, using utility work wear with soft tailoring options and big statement outerwear.
A young, fashion conscious man’s dream, the line offers distressed detailing and proudly pursues the denim lines with aplomb, being the only one in the entire brand to the full range from relaxed baggier fit to slim ‘rock ‘n roll’ drain pipes.
The highly graphic based T-shirts are all part of the settled look for this season as the line has really found its own feet.
And as anyone knows, holding your own in the fashion world is something worth shouting about.

Read more in the second part of Stuarts Boss Orange team up.