Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fearless Edwin: Into the heart of the American Dream

S/S 2014 once again see Edwin pushing the boundaries, new fits, ‘new washes’ from Martelli, Italy’s finest laundry, along with reinterpreting its classic designs. Just take a peak at the ED80 slim fit, already being sighted as a ‘future classic’ by the brand.

In the lines outwear collection, Edwin has created new production processes, which as a spokesman boasted: ‘Have created the opportunity to work with high quality technical Italian fabrics, (using seam sealing, laser cutting and bonding), while still working with the finest quality Japanese fabrics and knitwear from Italy and France’.

All this is not much of a surprise when you look at the label’s constant desire to lead from the front, from toying with the letters denim to create the label’s name, to introducing the ‘famous three-colour rainbow selvedge’, which is still in use today.

Being the first company in the world to develop ‘old wash’ in the 1970s, Edwin revolutionised the ‘entire denim industry’ when it really created the most iconic moment in the history of denim ‘stone washing’, something every denim company has been influenced by.

The spokesman added: "Past and present always combined Edwin created the ‘new vintage’ denim concept, which encompasses the subtle beauty of hand replicating vintage washes from archive references pre-dating 1947.”

S/S 2014 shows the brand’s heart beat is still beating strong and its roots and still holding firm.
As the good Doctor said: 'Buy the ticket, take the ride'. Edwin has been for more than 50 years, with no sign of stopping just yet thankfully.