Monday, 27 January 2014

Edwin: Bold, brave and on the highway to Las Vegas

THE LINK with Americana and iconic Japanese denim label Edwin has stretched back more than 50 years and acts as the backbone of the superb Spring/Summer collection as the line steps deep into the heart of the American dream.

Inspired by the ‘evocative imagery’ of outlaw journalist Dr Hunter S Thompson’s classic novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream.

Shot-gunned by artist Ralph Steadman, Thompson’s visceral 1971 journey into the madness of  the world of a rogue pen-smith, the novel as with the new Edwin collection is both bold, outspoken, stylised and driven.

The new range touches on both classic stylings of Edwin juxtaposed with texture and patterns which smack of summer, friendship and adventure. Of course never forgetting the lines obsession with denim.

It was American denim that inspired the labels’ creator Mr Tsunemi back in 1947, when he was forced to import US denim  as ‘no denim was manufactured in Japan at the time’.
He would then laundering and mend the jeans before selling them on.

Despite the production of denim coming in to Japan in 1957, poor quality (compared to the US) and high prices, once again lead to Tsunemi breaking away from the norm and creating his own.

In the words of the label themselves; ‘using greater sophistication in fits, washes and quality. From this point on in Edwin denim history, quality, craftsmanship, innovation and integrity have been paramount to the ethos and aesthetic for the brand’. 

And all this was in 1961, while the lineage can be seen to still be as strong as ever.
Part two to follow: