Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fearless Edwin: Into the heart of the American Dream

S/S 2014 once again see Edwin pushing the boundaries, new fits, ‘new washes’ from Martelli, Italy’s finest laundry, along with reinterpreting its classic designs. Just take a peak at the ED80 slim fit, already being sighted as a ‘future classic’ by the brand.

In the lines outwear collection, Edwin has created new production processes, which as a spokesman boasted: ‘Have created the opportunity to work with high quality technical Italian fabrics, (using seam sealing, laser cutting and bonding), while still working with the finest quality Japanese fabrics and knitwear from Italy and France’.

All this is not much of a surprise when you look at the label’s constant desire to lead from the front, from toying with the letters denim to create the label’s name, to introducing the ‘famous three-colour rainbow selvedge’, which is still in use today.

Being the first company in the world to develop ‘old wash’ in the 1970s, Edwin revolutionised the ‘entire denim industry’ when it really created the most iconic moment in the history of denim ‘stone washing’, something every denim company has been influenced by.

The spokesman added: "Past and present always combined Edwin created the ‘new vintage’ denim concept, which encompasses the subtle beauty of hand replicating vintage washes from archive references pre-dating 1947.”

S/S 2014 shows the brand’s heart beat is still beating strong and its roots and still holding firm.
As the good Doctor said: 'Buy the ticket, take the ride'. Edwin has been for more than 50 years, with no sign of stopping just yet thankfully.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Edwin: Bold, brave and on the highway to Las Vegas

THE LINK with Americana and iconic Japanese denim label Edwin has stretched back more than 50 years and acts as the backbone of the superb Spring/Summer collection as the line steps deep into the heart of the American dream.

Inspired by the ‘evocative imagery’ of outlaw journalist Dr Hunter S Thompson’s classic novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream.

Shot-gunned by artist Ralph Steadman, Thompson’s visceral 1971 journey into the madness of  the world of a rogue pen-smith, the novel as with the new Edwin collection is both bold, outspoken, stylised and driven.

The new range touches on both classic stylings of Edwin juxtaposed with texture and patterns which smack of summer, friendship and adventure. Of course never forgetting the lines obsession with denim.

It was American denim that inspired the labels’ creator Mr Tsunemi back in 1947, when he was forced to import US denim  as ‘no denim was manufactured in Japan at the time’.
He would then laundering and mend the jeans before selling them on.

Despite the production of denim coming in to Japan in 1957, poor quality (compared to the US) and high prices, once again lead to Tsunemi breaking away from the norm and creating his own.

In the words of the label themselves; ‘using greater sophistication in fits, washes and quality. From this point on in Edwin denim history, quality, craftsmanship, innovation and integrity have been paramount to the ethos and aesthetic for the brand’. 

And all this was in 1961, while the lineage can be seen to still be as strong as ever.
Part two to follow:

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

... Not the same as the old Boss

AS YOU may remember from the first part of this article, the excitement among those involved with the Boss Orange line was palpable as they spoke to me recently.
Not only has the line pushed on to really find its own feet, this second season relationship between Stuarts and the line is seen as the perfect place for both to be.
Speaking to staff at the line terms such ‘really excited to be with Stuarts’ and ‘What Stuarts are thinking totally compliments the line’.
The move is seen as the perfect platform for the line, one they have never really had before.
Boss Orange, although aimed at the younger consumer, really offers a full spectrum, with those younger in mind also finding items that are perfect.
Although the line, which offers detailed tailoring among relaxed styles, has some ‘funky pieces’ that have been taken by Stuarts and are producing a high amount of excitement as the team-up is a great representation of a line that is becoming stronger and standing tall alongside the other Boss ranges.
As the spokesman at Boss said: “Stuarts are exactly the sort of people we want the line to work with.”
Exciting times are ahead … you could say the future really is bright, the future is Orange.

Meet the new Boss ...

TIMING REALLY can be everything and so it has proved in the life not only with the Boss Orange line, but with the progressive relationship between Stuarts London and the brand.
Chatting with the staff at Hugo Boss HQ, London I found a line excited and buzzing about the team up, which is in its second season and also about Boss Orange really finding itself, which cannot be easy among such prodigious lines as Hugo Boss offer.
Starting life out as the sports line before Boss Green was launched (golf), Orange was somewhere between stools, drifting towards a lightweight version of Boss Black in the mid-90s, before finally being born ‘officially’ in 1999.

Standing alongside the now fantastic four of Boss; Boss Black, which offers a casual look, Green which of course is the aforementioned golf brand, Hugo, the high fashion end, Orange, which reverted back to the preferred older logo now seen on the line, began to offer its relaxed, urban style, using utility work wear with soft tailoring options and big statement outerwear.
A young, fashion conscious man’s dream, the line offers distressed detailing and proudly pursues the denim lines with aplomb, being the only one in the entire brand to the full range from relaxed baggier fit to slim ‘rock ‘n roll’ drain pipes.
The highly graphic based T-shirts are all part of the settled look for this season as the line has really found its own feet.
And as anyone knows, holding your own in the fashion world is something worth shouting about.

Read more in the second part of Stuarts Boss Orange team up.