Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Canada Goose head the hat-parade

CHATTING WITH Jon Kennedy as part of the new Heroes interviews, got us to thinking about the accessory you cannot live without at this time of year.

I asked JK and he said ¾ woollen jacket, but I am thinking about a full look into this area of styling would be well worth it, especially as I fear Skylon and HMS HST may well be drifting off course for somewhere near Scapa Flow, but then again that could change any minute, as we all know.

I feel the perfect place to start would be at the top of the tree with a nice winter titfer (hat).

So with warmth an optimum for most the perfect place to start has to be those conquerors of cold at Canada Goose

These guys are never happier than when they are laughing I the face of the elements and the Merino wool Watch beanie hat is a perfect example of that. Coming in graphite, red or blue he hat, which can worn rolled up or in a more relaxed manner and sports a small disc CG badge on the front flap.

Just for the audacity of it existing the CP Company Goggle beanie is a must. Coming in navy, strawberry ad grey, this ribbed hat is a delight of design sporting the iconic goggles and is of course 100 per cent warming wool.

For more outgoing, myself included, the Barbour fleece Hunter hat is a must. Coming in olive, black or in a tartan green finish. 

The Hunter offers warmth and good weather protection, with park, ear and neck flaps all lined with Shearling fleece and a tartan lining this is a hat to go to war with winter in.

Topping out with a devil may care attitude to all round warmth the Stetson Hatteras Woolrich brown check newsboy cap is a winner, or check out any of the range, with the wool aspect for warmth.

You know what they say, if you want to get ahead get a hat … so what are you waiting for?

A Skylon update … I have lost contact with my pharmaceutically fire pal hours after making the delivery of the ‘tools needed to live through this wretched journey’ as he described it.
The last radio transmission I received from him simply contained one word hollered in what could be construed as a celebratory tone: ‘KONG’ …

I will leave you to pick the bones out of that.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre