Friday, 1 November 2013

Skylon tunes out (BWGH)

AM SLIGHTLY confused by the latest satellite phone missives from Skylon, who is apparently at sea on some booze-fuelled cruise of some sort followed by numerous musical outbursts or interludes.
It struck me that a top ten of the tunes may be in order.

There seems no logical order to the songs or music, so sort your own, I tried, but then found it was easier to go with the flow and of course tank down a few of my old mockers favourite cocktails.

Alright pop pickers the first tune bustling over the wires at Radio Free Cuba X as I have solemnly nicknamed it should be followed by an Old Fashioned:

1: Boom Clack by Jon Kennedy.
2: Ice Hockey Hair by Super Furry Animals.
3: Gold Soundz by Pavement.
4: Smokebelch II (David Holmes Mix) by Sabres of Paradise.
5: B-Boy Bouillabaisse by Beastie Boys.
6: La Ritournelle by Sebastian Tellier.
7: Metro Boulot Dodo by Campag Velocet.
8: Hotride by The Prodigy.
9: Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt).
10: Deadbeat Summer by Neon Indian.

Not some half bad tunes, from my half mad amigo me thinks and a good way to spend crappy rain soaked Friday and weekend in Blighty, although cut with a series of Mojitos I am sure you will not notice.

Of course, here, well the sun is boiling the blood from my veins, although one thing that is looking good soaked in beer and sweat and that’s the most rock n’ roll t-shirts I have seen recently being from the Brooklyn We Go Hard range.

I am taken with the New York White and the Barber Shop, they seem very Beastie Boy acceptable, while the Paris and Feather, that comes in black, perfect for hiding beer used to facilitate the tanning process as a cult writer hero of mine HST once said.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre