Friday, 22 November 2013

HEROES: Jon Kennedy talks fashion

IN THE  first of our new series of interviews, with cutting edge artists,  musicians and general men about town, entitled Heroes, we have the pleasure to shoot the breeze with musical, producer,  record label founder and all round top boy Jon Kennedy.
Originating  from Manchester, Kennedy now lives in Central Europe and has been blazing a trail behind the decks, drums and mixing desk for 13 years, producing five albums, the last of which Corporeal is proof the man is reaching a new peak in musical powers.

How important is your wardrobe to you and to your daily life?
JK: Very. I've been through many fashion stages in my life from a late 80's skateboarder and rebelious 'wearing t shirt inside out' and now …  I like to think I've found a refined, dinner jacket and skateboard-lower-body combo.

What do you think of the current styles and trends in menswear?
JK: I'm actually loving the recent fashions, maybe I'm more aware of them than I used to be … I don't know but as I get older I find myself being more interested in the thread side of culture

Clothes wise what looks or styles have you found room in your wardrobe for?
JK: I've managed to get rid of the hooded tops, lumberjack shirts and 't shirts with logo's', a look for me that I used to rock regularly. I'm somewhere between office worker, Alexander McQueen and skateboarder.

The Colonel: Can we suggest these Lacoste Live trainers, the Hellesdon Lem Black leather and the superb Croxton dark purple mid shoe.

What have you found the most exciting look or introduction to menswear this year?
JK:  I've been loving the injection of grey's, blues and shades there of.. It's a very minimalist, Japanese edge and I LOVE that Japanese design, mainly over there it's in the streets, houses and furnishings but to see that in fashion does it for me.

Preference: spring/summer or autumn/winter wardrobes?
JK: Bit of both to be honest, but finding a good pair of ACCEPTIBLE shorts is tricky …
The Colonel: Without hesitation Mister Kennedy  I would chose Orlebar Brown tailored board shorts.

Are there any labels you have discovered this year that you would recommend?
JK: I came across a couple of suit brands, (see below for some of our favourites),  that I love but without sounding too cheap, I ain't gunna mention them. I have also discovered some SUPER GAREISH and pretty … erm … disgusting labels as well.

Heritage labels such a Loakes; Grenson and Crombie etc are now being worn alongside casual clothes, what do think of this combination of styles and are you a fan of the tie ups between bespoke suit makers such as Norton with labels such as Barbour?
JK: I love this idea and as I say I have been rocking this look for a long time now without knowing it was now ‘cool’.
I think it's fabulous to mix the whole culture, art, clothing, fashion of all kinds into one, they make sense together and if the look is what you are hearing then I support it!

London is becoming a Mecca for menswear shops, do you think this is deserved?
JK: I prefer to think you can't beat a bit of Northern charm.

If you could pick one item of winter clothing to complete your look, what would it be?
JK: For me it’s a 3/4 length woolen jacket. 

And what item would you not live without?
JK: Trainers.

Who would you class as a style icon and inspiration?
JK: Alexander McQueen is a DON. FACT.

What projects are you working on at present?
JK: Currently I'm touring the globe with my new LP Corporeal doing shows from China to Palestine, Hungary to Japan …
It's tiring but I wouldn't change it for the world. In fact maybe I can change the world … in some way to bring peace to some of the disrupted areas I have seen recently in the Middle East.

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