Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Oceans apart with CP and Smedley

A life on the ocean wave has many benefits so it seems, one not being a suspect in what I am presuming was completely failed raid on the local hospital by the Wild Bunch, but mainly sitting with large AH Hirsch Reserve bourbon’s and a nicely blazed Cohiba Esplendido while convincing Bubbles and Bingo that the parasol I had so cunningly lifted from a beach bar was not the best option for a sail, as opposed to their clothes.

The make shift wind catcher has now resulted in my new waiting staff bared down to their underwear and this fabulous view has softened the blow of the melting ice, which has somewhat dented our cocktail making abilities as we bob along on HMS Ivre Pour le Vie.

Now I had managed to put in a quick call to my old mucker The Colonel to inform him of the impending disaster on the Costa and my plan to cut and run, which got me thinking about the last chat we had regarding some new attire he was planning on donning.

The Colonel, has really taken to the Cuban lifestyle and was puffing away on a Cohiba IV as he chatted to me from his as unreleased Sunfast 3600 yacht in the delightful Havana harbour area of Vanuatu on a satellite phone, slugging large glasses of Hacienda La Capilla tequila, about his desire to purchase some of the latest AW offerings.

High on the agenda was of course the CP Company goggle jacket.

What a stunner this piece really is, with iconic removable goggle hood, white goose down, storm cuffs, this superbly padded coat is on of those Bucket List items, with zip and button through fixing.
I am also falling for the goggle beanie, which comes in either strawberry or navy and is just a lovely extension of the range.

My old chum was also aiming to pick up a Felpa green goggle fleece jacket which comes in extra slim fit, so he better lay off the rum a bit, branded button fixing with hooded goggles.
The CP Company range range is almost mythical and has been away far too long for mine and The Colonel’s liking, so to see it sport a return is cracking news.

 You can always rely on one of England’s finest, John Smedley, to provide some wardrobe warmers and the latest range of jumpers is nothing short of a delight.

The Wesley striped dusk pullover is a stunning rainbow of colours , with a Bretagne feel to it in 100% sea island cotton or the Heroes of Telemark style Trojan Fairisle which come in ruby or navy.
But the one hot-footing it’s way to our man in Havana is the roll neck striped indigo, which, if I was in a more advantageous position, would see me block it’s delivery, keeping it for myself.

This 100% wool delight sports orange and white bands across the chest and makes me talk in hushed tons when I refer to it.

There is a plain roll neck, although as with anything Smedley, plain is not really the correct term in navy or black.
Now I know Colonel is a man who likes to get outdoors, in some cases treading the footsteps of his hero Che Guevara, so the choice of Patagonia jackets makes perfect sense.

Having already selected his Puffer de jour, the Torrent Shell Stretch jacket is the next in line for outdoors manship. This hooded waterproof, two-colour way jacket has all the bells and whistles needed to launch any revolutionary hilltop campaign.

The stretch is the top of the range of coast, with the standard Torrent coming in four versions navy, green, grey and light blue, almost French in colour.

So with images of superb clothes meandering around my mind, and the girls doing a wonderful job massaging my feet, topless of course I will bid you adieu.

And I’ll drink to that, of course.