Saturday, 12 October 2013

Canada Goose, camera, action ...

IT’S NOT often that you can get to relive one of your favourite films, but my staff here at Cohiba HQ, Habanos SA have indulged me in my flight of fancy to reenact scenes from the 1982 John Carpenter horror masterpiece The Thing.

Having agreed to ignore the rising temperatures and also to not vomit as I throw buckets of blood and intestine at them, well you have to be realistic, my staff knew I was on to something real when I unpacked a large quantity of the amazing Canada Goose winter jacket range.

Admittedly it did take a large leap of imagination on their part as I ran around the offices pretending to be MacReady, Kurt Russell’s character, but once the coats arrived it all became clear.

I am presuming that many of you know what I am talking about when I mention this iconic 80s flick, which sees a team of US scientists trapped in an Antarctic research unit and then have to battle an alien form which assimilates them and threatens to wipe out the unit, but also the planet.

Any fan of the film will know the memorable closing scene, which I am acting out on the roof, downing a bottle of scotch having plumped for the Citadel parka in tan, it also comes in black, and with fur trimmed hood and four front pockets.

To begin to reveal the technology that has gone into making the ‘ultimate’ parka would take a life time, suffice to say; ‘hell would have to freeze over’ before you got cold in this thigh length thermal wonder.
Complete with storm flap and chin guard, I could seriously sleep in this thing.

Of the longer jackets in the range, the Chateau, that comes in graphite or navy, is a parka style with side pockets, five large button front, with all the requisite hardwear built in to battle any drop in temperature.

The Chateau is a mid-length version, which is not as fully heavy duty as the Citadel, but it is definitely all here. It also comes in navy.
There are two bomber jackets, ideal for my helicopter scene replays, complete with fur-trimmed hood.

The oddly named Chilliwack jacket has two flap front pockets and is a regular fit rather than slim. With a longer back cut to help keep out unwanted back drafts.

The Freestyle Down vest completes the range and the sectioning gives it a hand grenade look.
This is again a lighter version of jacket, with regular insulation and side storage pockets.

The huge CG logo, which comes on the chest of the Freestyle and the Citadel is a nice touch, I am liking the fact that it doesn’t come on all the jackets, as it works especially well for me in different scenes.

I think I have been doing this for too long, I must retire to the roof again, before I start signing imaginary autographs.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

For anyone wanting to check out the movie visit: