Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Schott to pieces

Now it might be a bit like that awful plum in mouth sudo-intellectual American, on Through the Keyhole or whatever it was called, but I was determined and heavily fuelled on Mescal to check out some more of The Claw’s threads aligning his wardrobe.

Now you girls and boys know your old pal Skylon well enough by now to realise that nothing is done without a little bit of trickery and as I had promised earlier to give the lads a bit of combat-hallucinogen training, I set about messing with my gangland buds heads.

I am not sure if any of you are aware of my work with the US military after the second world war, with people staring at goats among other things and also the fun-packed use of LSD to immobilise enemy troops as part of Operation Delirium.
The Yanks paid me well over the odds to basically take lots of LSD and give it to soldiers as well. 
That's what I call a 'Special Relationship'.

I devised some, brain twisters, such as climbing an unsupported ladder and had left the boys crashing and bashing around in the garden attempting to achieve the impossible, especially when your perception is as tainted as it is on LSD-25.

I took this opportunity to sneak a peak in the Claw’s wardrobe at what can only be described as a formidable collection of new season clothes.
Jacket wise The Claw has definitely stolen a march with what appears to be every ‘college’ AW13 jacket made by US brand Schott.

Celebrating 100 years of American styling the new Schott Varsity jackets are everything you would expect, the NYC using the classic two tone colouring of body and arms with a navy body, brown leather trimmed side pockets, brown leather arms and quilted orange lining. The second Varsity jacket offering comes with a black body and grey leather, same trims.

Now bomber or flight jackets? The argument could rage on, but just ask some of the boys who took to the sky for Her Majesty’s air force and you will know the difference.

The Schott x American college jacket is a nylon one colour through jacket, with Schott badge on the chest, left arm pocket in black, with zip front and two button side flap pockets it also comes in steel grey.
The American combo is a thinner fit than the CWU-R jackets that come deeper outline stitched pockets, heavy duty zip and leather tag, a removable Schott badge, and quilt lining.
The CWU’s come in red, green, navy, black or tinted blue.

Camo is such a maligned fashion statement I really like it although I am sure The Claw’s affection for it is driven by some other requirements, but either way the Felted patch pocket camouflage blazer from Woolrich is something rarely seen, combining a classic blazer look with combat colours.
One chest pocket; iconic blazer style, single rear vent, soft wool blend for the jacket, two-button front.
Hunting or combat seems to be in The Claw’s tastes at present with the Mackenzie red blend-hunting jacket again from Woolrich.

A stand out garment this red and black check print wool jacket comes with four outer pockets with flap covers, adjustable cuffs, branded buttons and a detachable throat tab.
It’s a zip and button front fastening coat and is quality.

Amidst the boxes of Red Wing boots, of which are there are several I stumbled across what appears to be a badly drawn schematic of the hospital The Bed is currently situated, I now have some inkling as to the lads plans, but despite making a swift exit, I could not resist having a peak at the beautifully crafted footwear that is the Wings.

I’ll wax lyrical about those in a bit, as I have heard a terrible crash outside and a splatter of gun fire … sounds like more fun at Casa del Crime.

I’ll drink to that