Monday, 2 September 2013

Get in line with the G9 (Baracuta)

I SOMETIMES wonder whether some things are better left alone, staying singular, lone wolf style, or as the superb theme tune to one of my favourite anarchic films Freebie and The Bean goes: ‘We go together, just like peaches and cream, two peas in a pod, you and me’.

It makes more sense, two heads are better than one and to those familiar with the movie seeing Alan Arkan and James Caan run riot as two unruly big city cops and it began to make sense to me that despite the chaos he continually seems to cause wherever he treads, drinks and well pitches up Skylon is my mate and the two of us do go together well.

The Baracuta G9, which unlike the G8 conference has a use, and also a definitive style that holds time. I also feel that with this superb leather diamond of a piece, which can only be described as 'cool as fuck' goes the Farah Huxley shirt.

The 100 per cent Harrington jacket which sports two front slant pockets, ribbed waist and cuffs has full zip closure, slim fit and literally rolls back the years. Think Brando, McQueen, but with modern twists such as the Coolmax fabric lining.

The Italian made jacket comes in a limited edition and unless I have been drinking some of Skylon’s gunpowder laced cocktails, the Huxley shirt from Farah works perfectly with the G9.

As part of the label’s autumn/winter vintage collection, this long sleeve, 100 per cent cotton shirt has a delicious printed pattern all over, button down front and slim fit.

Single cuffs and a button down collar complete the look, with a yellow Farah letter logo on the left hand side of the chest. 

The print has a Japanese feel to it with a heavy black main colour, it is really is a bit spesh this one,

with the light alternate colourings working superbly against the G9s solid brown leather.

I have not heard from Skylon recently, the old adage no news is good news, doesn't seem to work with my old mucka, I am afraid.

Hasta la Victoria siempre