Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Get Carter or Barbour

SOMETHING FOR the weekend sir?
A cry not heard so much nowadays, but it was a common question from any barbers worth their salt across this great nation.
My answer of course would have been; ‘Yes, a lawnmower please’. Either that or a smart bag the likes of a Simon Carter or a Barbour.

A good bag completes any look and I am taken with the aforementioned, if only to help shift my cigars back for important afternoons of cocktails with my old chum Skylon, along with some fake passports, and ID changes for the old fella.

The Carter bags suitably have two bags titled ‘weekend’ those cheeky devils must have been reading my mind.
I truly love these bags, not in some unhealthy fetish stylie, just tat they remind of what a bag really is in shape, practicality and style, but these bags have some superb touches.

Genuine leather in construct, the bags are holdall in style with a removable leather strap, two carry handles, with one main picket and an inner pocket, which comes with a delightful comic print lining, which is such a nice touch.

The St. Leonard’s bag comes in black or brown and well, is the one for me.
Laptop transportation will never be the same again with the London canvas bag.
This once again comes with a removable shoulder strap, with external pockets, a compartment, padded of course, for said laptop, leather trims and main body of suede.

There are five bags in the range, the London khaki, the London Lewes and the London Harris Tweed completing the group.

The Harris is a satchel and has a beautiful tweed top, two external pockets, with canvas construction in the mina, with leather fittings.
The bag also has adjustable webbed shoulder straps.

This London label really does provide some incredible pieces, but also worth notice are a few ‘holdall’ style bags by Barbour such as the Portside bag and the Notch Explorer and the Tarras.
The Tarras is a beautiful double front pocket with tartan lining, internal compartments and is 100 per cent leather.

This soft durable bag is a delight, with the delicious Notch bag, comes with the tartan inner, Dept B branding with one long inner zip sealed pocket. The Portside is a stunning holdall style bag, with all the trimmings and is a waxed canvas, leather combination and really, well just check it out as and when you can, you won’t regret it.

Now I do not imagine most, if any of you, will be carrying anything other than the requisite clothes for a superb weekend away with your mates or some lucky lady, but if you do see Skylon struggling along with any of these over his shoulder, take a step in the opposite direction.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre