Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Where there's a Wiggins, there's a way

LAST SUMMER could not have gone any better for my old mucker Wiggo, but just weeks after his first superbly tailored steps in Mod-herodom I inadvertently tainted his winter training and attempts to defend his famous Maillot Jaune win in France.

How was I supposed to see him training at night as I pulled out the old Flying Wing Bentley out of the petrol station in Lancashire crushingly hungover after a week with Skylon on champers and ludes. I compounded his troubles after taking out one of his Pinarello bikes out for a quick spin while over in Italy earlier this year.

It appears a few of The Colonel's adjustments; seat heights, fitting a bell, some rather nice mudguards and of course some playing cards in the spokes caused him to fall off and retire early from the race known as the Giro d’Italia with a knee injury?

So our friendship may not be in the best of places, but I am delighted to say that despite my best efforts to accidently ruin everything, Sir Bradley Wiggins has shrugged off this off and produced one of the best team ups since he and Mark Cavendish tore it up along the Champs Elysses, for a truly outstanding bit of Brit Kit with Fred Perry.

The side burn burnished cycle god has spared nothing to produce a range of shirts and track suit tops that are well … beautiful.

And having blown away the field in the recent TT in Poland, it appears he may be back in form.

The range sports two track suits tops, that scream Superstars, classic retro Wimbledon and of course cycling, the colouring of a cream white in the Ecra track jacket as they are named. The regular fit funnel neck, with world championship rainbow markings, same on the cuffs come in regular fit, zip front and one zip rear pocket.

The jacket also comes in Medievel blue. You really have to see these jackets in the flesh for them to be fully appreciated, but as with the entire range they are very limited, so unless you shift as quickly as Wiggo, you may well miss them.

It wouldn’t be Fred Perry if there wasn’t a Harrington in there, and the dark carbon jacket comes again in funnel neck with two button side pockets with flap securing.
The 100 per cent cotton jacket is lightweight, in regular fit.

There are seven cycling jerseys to choose between, with a delightful carbon polo shirt thrown in for good measure, all feature the iconic laurel wreath. 

It must be something about the style of cyclists and not just the sport itself and its current rise as one of the most popular sports in the country if not the world, with Paul Smith designing the recent Maglia Rosa, or pink, Giro d'Italia winners jersey.

The carbon polo comes in a waffle knit pattern, with a rear hem pocket, with twin tip collaring and world champion rainbow colour bands inside the neck. Zip fastening placket this top is fabulous.

All the tops come in slim fit and you know what cyclists are like, so you will need to get the sizing right, to avoid looking like some weekend warrior trying to hide a few extra musettes.

The Panel jersey comes in two versions, (There is a third, but it appears to be more of a stand alone, see below) Prince blue with a white bar band across the chest with blue laurel wreath, and kidney height band across the back, back pocket, zip this time, and tipped cuff finishing. 

The red top is the same, but in a lighter ‘Cofidis’ style red, although Wiggo probably won’t thank anyone who links him to the team he walked out on due to drugs issues with his other team members.

The Utility blue jersey is powder light in colour, tipped neck, with world champion bands on the arms, with a simple zipped rear pocket.

The Washed red top is similar to the Utility in its stark features, tipped neck and WC bands.
The Champion Tipped comes in black or French blue, the features are again similar to the Utility and Washed, with inner neck tip.

The final jersey is the Mustard contrast which features a larger chest covering black band to contrast the mustard body WC bands on the arms, twin tipped neck, rear pocket coming in black.

I can see the temptation for many enthusiasts to don these tops while out on the pedals, but the terrific quality, design and finishing will surely make them kept for that special trip out.

Either way 'Chapeau' Monsieurs Wiggins and Perry.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre