Thursday, 1 August 2013

Right said Fred Perry

CASA DE Shotgun as you can well imagine is not the classiest of venues, but Hatchet has already fired up the BBQ, begun blarring out Simple Minds on the stereo, his tastes are somewhat locked in the 80s, a time when he made he dash to safety to the Costa Del Crime.

I am quite taken the target painted swimming pool, but the Warhol style paintings of himself dotted around the terra cotta and chrome fitted house, along with the floor to ceiling Tony Montana style photograph of Hatchet, holding a pet tiger, may be a step to chintz, for good taste.

I ignore the card playing wise guy style madness that is going on around me and head, at the invite of my host, to check out his wardrobe.

Thankfully Hatchet has impeccable taste in all things British and English and a line of the latest Fred Perry polos are a sight for sore eyes after the garish abode in which he abides, so no union flag shorts here.

The first thing that catches my eye is the Twin Tipped classic polo white body, and Hatchet’s favoured Claret and Blue marking on the arm and collar, with a claret Laurel. The two button placket is pure Perry and is part of the Laurel Wreath range.

The range comes in numerous colour ways, from classic black with white tips, to Ecru, Port and Teal, to name a few.
The Stewart Tartan button down shirt is a nice addition, simple, understated, but classic, you cannot go wrong with the long sleeve shirt, with pen chest pocket and large red laurel wreath logo on the chest. This reissue is plucked form the range’s archive and well worth a another showing for summer and winter.

I note Hatchet has stayed true to some of his Mod roots by choosing the Rose print Harrington with a nice rose trim lining.
This double button necked, zip front, two side pocket classic, proves the devil is in the detail and the lining is the perfect finish, with one inside pocket.

He has also chosen tipped Port bomber jacket, which has a sheer finish outside with boxed laurel wreath in the front, non-button flap side pockets.

An obvious Harrington addiction is proved with the addiction of the G9 Baracuta Harrington in natural, although to be honest he could have chosen any one of eight superb colourways and they would have looked cracking.
The natural is the jacket synonymous with screen icon Steve McQueen and is similar to the Perry with double button neck fastening, two button side pockets and branded buttons, but a COOLMAX lining makes it perfect for the summer.

 Hatchet is a man of considerably organised taste, clothes wise, that is and he is already buzzing about his new Barbour kit that’s winning it’s way to him.

But put him near a BBQ, cranked up on cocktails and other pharmaceuticals and you have a recipe for disaster and a large fire risk.

Not sure whether I should drink to that or throw it over the poor burning devil, or simply dunk him in the pool, what was it Paul Weller once sang? 'No more swimming in guitar shaped pools'.