Thursday, 29 August 2013

No Phil Collins required, but jackets are needed

IT DOES get bloody hot over here in Cuba, crystalline rum droplets have formed on my arms and face, making one end of my Esplendido almost impossible to hold in between my lips as I type.
My Havana flat, nice as it is, resembles a sweat box and the terrible music blaring out from the floor below got my mind pondering jackets.

Jackets I hear you ask?

Well, yes the end of music as we know it being hammered out from the Che Geuvara Cheese Makers Officiando suite below is non-other than his awfulness Phil Collins, a man who almost single handedly killed the art of the songsmith.
I shudder when I think of him flying on Concorde to America for the Live Aid charity gig, yes, charity gig! I’ll say no more.

The most memorable thing I know of the midget drummer was how much I liked a song called: Phil Collins Must Die. It should have had ‘Before he kills music’ on the end of it.

Anyway, jackets …

First off it’s always good to go Military, especially in the homeland of Castro and the Universal Works Military jacket, which is a sublime two-phase coat, coming in raisin or navy is perfect.

The coat, which has a four button front, with button flap closure on the neck has a tapered waist with adjustable draw string, that gives this piece a real swagger of it’s own.
It also boasts two chest and hand pockets with flap closure.

UW have really introduced some excellent pieces for their AW range, the quilt navy Resort of a low cut neck puffa, while the Malin tweed Hyde is reminiscent of a hunting jacket I used to drawl over in the window of Norton and Sons of London, and the fact that they have arrived at Stuarts in a tie with Barbour with a remarkable team up, well let’s just say I will be talking at length about that another time. 

In the meantime, I will just change my pants.

The shorter Benbecula navy wool jacket is a smart take on the donkey jacket, with wool polyester body, zip through, two flap closure chest pockets and two side pockets. As they said in Jazz Club: Nice.

Now if you want comfort and almost snoozable style this winter try the YMC P5AAE downproof quilted bomber.

The button through, knitted cuffs and collar jacket is sweet as. I love the avoidance of a knitted waist, which gives the jacket a longer look. This duck down don has two hand pockets and is a delightful soft colouring of grey/brown.

If leather is your thing, the Versace fitted leather jacket is nice biker crossover. The flap over leather button details, funnel neck jacket is a delight, with two outer and inside pockets, along with a zip fastening. This is a modern timeless piece and would grace any look this winter.

Hasta la Victoria siempre