Wednesday, 21 August 2013

High praise for the Church shoes

THESE BOOTS are made for walking as my old mucker Nancy Sinatra sang, but she showed no real thanks after I penned that particular career-defining tune for her, along with Bang Bang, but all the ex-missus of the Chairman of the Board did was walk of all over good old Skylon and bugger off with Lee Hazlewood.

Bloody touchy artists cannot be trusted eh!

So keeping on the footwear theme I have been feeling the need to hot foot it away from the Wild Bunch, well especially The Bed after my little Wild West accident.

What better way to get away in style, than in a pair of Church shoes???!!!!?!!!

Any well-heeled man about town has always aspired to own or wearing this fabled English manufacturer and I always treasure the memories of my butlers taking flight in one the long rooms at Skylon Manor as my velvet Sovereign shoe in either black or bordeaux swung towards their feeble gonads or rear end.

This outwardly OTT slipper shoe, complete with crown logo, quilted lining and cushioned insoles, with leather sole and velvet uppers.

The shoe also comes in an Arabesque polished navy leather finish.

Now I have sported loafers for many a year, be it in the Hollywood studios with mad bad gun-totting Phil Spector, to inventing the modern Ska movement in Coventry alongside the gummy keyboardist Jerry Dammers in what was known as sugar tops.

Now the Tiverton is the shoe of choice today, the superb ‘Tassel’ full leather shoe coming in burgundy or black has delicious apron stitching, cushioned soles, short stacked wooden heel and works superbly with countless looks, coming in burgundy and black.

Whilst helping launch British televisual comedy with the icon who is Terry-Thomas, I was always aware of the great man’s style and panache, and also his family motto: ‘I shall not be cowed’, so I was also struck by the name of the stunning walnut leather soled Church Oxford style shoe the Cowes.

This 100 per cent leather double buckle monk shoe is lace up is a stand out shoe for me in the beautiful walnut leather, made with all the Church Artisan quality.

Having had countless japes using a submarine at the Cowes week and launching magnums of champagne into the floating sea stock passing I can imagine I would have been the cock of the walk sporting the Cowes shoe.

Topping-out the range at present are the Consul, again in the Oxford style simple classic lace up shoe coming in either black or walnut leather.

The Consul, due in no small part, to its aerodynamic shape make a superb arrow to launch at men servants to show ones disgust at a particularly poorly poured cocktail.

I’ll drink to that …