Monday, 29 July 2013

with LIBERTY and fraternity for all

THE DAYS here are generally one long booze filled trip down memory lane for myself and the lads.
Tall tales of their adventures of daring do they may not be more blag and run and blag again, as the tonnage of pina colada and daiquiris goes down, but the ‘Wild Bunch’ who have become my compadres in this hellishly hot Spanish bolt hole.

Fugitives and drunk ones at that we may be, but it’s done with a certain amount of panache that must be said.

Through my bleary Ray Ban covered eyes I could not help but admire the choice of shirt being sported by Bunch safe cracker Hatchet Norris, who somehow has the ability to continually sit hour upon hour in the raging sun, without wearing a hat, or a Titfer, as I am told is the ‘Laaaandddon’ term for headwear.

Norris proudly boasts that he ‘only sports English or British threads’ and is sat in front of me ham-headed and tattooed knuckled in a superb Liberty London shirt and patting his neck with one the world famous store/labels superb silk pocket squares as they are known, handkerchief to most.

These silk wonders really should be in every man or safe cracker about town’s wardrobe.
Italian made, rolled edged delights all sport different Liberty print designs, with a Liberty logo in one corner.

They come in London Mansfield green, London Eltham pink, London Thorington Cobalt blue, for some reason that always reminds me of my cousin Jet, and a Thorington dark red.
Hatchet chose the Manfield green and a wise choice it was, working perfectly with his Hadleigh drak green, short sleeved cotton shirt.

The all over Liberty print, has pointed button collars and full button front.
With exclusive retail to Stuarts of London, the shirt range shows that Hatchet’s contacts at home are still what they used to be.

The range comes in both long and short sleeved and are all full cotton, limited edition.

I was drawn to the Owen purple long sleeve, while the Barrington grey, utilises the iconic paisley in the print, but if floral prints are your thing, then the Darcie green (long sleeve), Chatham navy, Tatton red and the navy Capel, (short) will be right up your street. While the Ramsey burgundy again utilises paisley.

All then shirts have a superb 60s with a modern twist to them and the quality and class of this label shines through.

There are three dress shirts available, with a teasing floral print inside the collar and cuffs, plain blue, plain red and plain pink. These are tailored rather then slim fit, with pointed (not button) collars.
Psychotic he may be, but Hatchet has impeccable taste.

Having drunk my weight in cocktails I have just been informed an evening at his house Case de Gunshot is in the offing, so I am sure I will trawl his wardrobe and see how a true brit crim dresses when the sun goes down.