Monday, 15 July 2013

Season mash up

IT’S NICE to know that even from my Cuban hideaway I can still help an old chum in the guise of Skylon, but I, The Colonel, must admit to having felt a pang of envy, which is a terrible thing, reading my friends' blogs to you good people.

Sat in Havana, as I am, I was mulling over this time of year back in Blighty and how the time is sort of a grey area when it comes to the new arrivals on the pegs for the coming autumn/winter season, with that blurring of boundaries of the remaining summer wardrobe.

Countless cricket ground and football terraces will bare witness to this combo as pre-season friendlies and Ashes series see the fashion conscious, and why wouldn’t you be sporting either their summer colour t-shirts and shorts, with A/W jeans or trainers, or polos.

I for one love this early season ‘peacocking’, and those in the know can sport what they feel is the return of an old classic, or the combination with major labels such as Paul Smith and smaller niche producers.

Who cannot be excited about the arrival of the Paul and Shark Yachting range, mixing some old classic in the polos, with a range of heavier jumpers and jackets that are sublime, sporting that classic Italian stylings synonymous with P&S and Osti et al.

The Penguin Pocket T-shirts are a delight and are ably supported by a late summer T in the shape of the Pin-up range.
Going classic cut the sublime Smedley 'sport collar' long sleeve polos are the perfect combination of colour, class and wear-ability. Who does not love the oldest English manufacturer? Let him speak now or forever hold his peace.

Cardigan wise, I am loving the Armani offerings, which provide some superb olive and neutral colour ways. Perfect for bouncing that late summer colours off.

Rounding out this Iot, must be Sir Bradley Wiggins Fred Perry Range, which I have seen many non-cyclists sporting very recently.
The summer’s biggest overseas sporting event Le Tour de France may have the legend that is Wiggins competing, but his style can be seen in abundance this amazing range.

Wiggins not only utilises some excellent colours, always with a simple link to the world of cycling, such as the World Champion hoops inside the collar of the dark carbon polo, he also uses some superb knit patterns on the shirts, dreamy stuff.

The carbon has a stunning waffle knit, but I think a cursory mention of this range is not enough, so I will peddle back to Wiggo in another blog I think.

Hasta la Victoria siempre