Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Going Norman Jay's way this summer?

LONDONERS, real Londoners with a history that impacts on the greatest city in the world, are a rare thing, but Norman Jay MBE can be said to qualify in this elite group.
The stylish man about town, well Notting Hill, is without doubt a pioneer of the exponent of being a DJ in the UK’s underground dance music scene.

He is as famous for his tunes and skills behind the decks at countless ‘illegal’ warehouse parties and carnivals in the capital back in the day, and now with this superb chilled vibes and radio air play, as he is for his style and his vast array of head wear.
The man behind the ‘good times’ summer city vibes has been quoted as saying: I avoid shopping like the plague, unless it’s for music or clothes’.

His tie up with the iconic label Gabicci Vintage shows he has lost none of his love for fashion.
Even at first glance the range smacks of Jay the man, with beautifully simple block colour ways on the cardigans, with one break using a superb 60s wallpaper feel print in yellow and black.
The range comes in slim-fit styles, various front fastenings.

On the yellow print, a seven button fasten front, with two front pockets, while the mixed blue top has three buttons and chest pocket. While the red and black top, comes with the long button placket and a chest pocket. While the grey garment, using a neutral blue on the long placket, with contrast pockets.

The black zip front top also features a detailed front chest pocket, with contrast stitching on the collar.
The collaboration between Jay and the famous label marks its 40th year and of course sports the iconic gold G on the chest, and Jay has done a great job evoking Gabicci’s history with a modern twist.

The word on the street, as it would have been with the underground parties Jay championed, is the range is limited in numbers, so get a spin on now and grab one, they really are superb.

Once again the Norm Jay has made in impact on summer, I am sure everyone would drink to that.