Sunday, 5 May 2013

Special for all season

SOMETHINGS IN life catch your attention and automatically engraciate you to them, such it is with the tidy little label inside the sublime Anton botanical leaf print shirt that states: ‘The mark of true luxury is not the grand gesture, but the simple things done well’.

What a class thing to put on your garments, although to be honest when you look at the Norse Projects range it makes perfect sense.

The Botanical print shirt is a fabulous long sleeve is a soft 100 per cent cotton, with all over floral print. Button collar and front pocket, button neck and rear, the shirt is deemed part of the labels summer range, but I cannot see this being anything other than an all year round piece.

The Anton floral range the deep blue shirt which sports a floral print, but not the usual one you will have to check the fine details out, but it’s a terrific design.

Both shirts come in regular fit and once again are definitely for all seasons.