Saturday, 25 May 2013

Adidas & Norse made for each other

GREAT COMBOS make life worth living in many ways; pie and mash, beer and summer and so it goes with Norse Projects x Daniel Frost T-shirts, which are divine and the Adidas Keglers.

This in my eyes, is a heavenly combination, like Surf and Turf, and oh, enough of the fucking stupid examples and on with the show.

The Kegler as everyone knows has a much lorded history in trainer legend and rightly show, one of the later shoes on the block, it stood the test and latest releases are stunning.

Coming in two colour ways, the white running which sports the iconic full leather upper, nubuck toe bumper, green three stripes and heal, with the tri-foil symbol and of course they sport the mid sole plugs, designed for customized comfort, but like that was ever going to be used. Style over content, as always.

The True Blue trainers are incredible as well, using a muted blue, with fluorescent yellow for the three stripes, and a black toe bumper, they are a terrific edition and will have anyone scratching their head to choose between, so just buy both.

Now from the bottom to the top, the Norse Project x Daniel Frost Ts are simply exquisite and work on so many levels together, there are three designs and of course there are other T-shirts, but I just love these.

The Mountain Walker shirt has a real Euro feel to it, almost Transalpino for the old Casuals among you.
Coming in white 100 per cent cotton with a NP woven patch at the hem the crew neck shirt sports the brightly coloured print design from the artist, with his signature on the back.

The Rock Climber shorts has a bright yellow sun print on the front, while the Running in the Bushes shirt has a contrasting green, blue and yellow almost ‘oil’ painting print on the front.

All are beautiful shirts and limited editions.