Tuesday, 4 December 2012

G-Lab collab a bit special

I HAD heard of sing-along-ah phase loop masters Stereolab and I once had a brief zero gravity experience at NASA’s Spacelab, wow I had some funny times chugging back LSD and cocktails while the other scientists tried to carry out all their tests and so on.
I spent two weeks sharing the same space suit as the Hawaiian delegate Tattoo of Fantasy Island fame, but that really is a tale for another time.
So G-lab was a new one on old Skylon and this new combination really proves that home really is where the heart if you want something that just feels truly right.

The cult English shoe maker has not just teamed up with yours and my favourite menswear shop Stuarts, London but the stores head buyer. (We won't mention any names here, you sly old dog).
The blog on the combination (http://www.stuartslondon.com/blog/?p=5525) teasingly calls this the ‘first official collab’.
Ohhh that definitely whets the appetite doesn’t it.
Anyway, keeping on track as I always like to do, this VERY limited edition shoe is nothing if not distinctive, using a stunning Grenson brogue design the Caribou shoe has Stuarts embossed insoles and comes in premium suede and leather uppers. These handmade beauties have a unique colour combination, coming with a certificate of authenticity.
The Caribou shoe has a leather heal and toe, with suede quarter, not sporting sa full brogue pattern, this is a classic twist of cult design with Goodyear whelted hand stitched soles.
The Pickled brogue combines what is known by Grenson as its ‘All Season shoe’ with beige leather and suede quarters the toe and heals coming in a darker brown with contrast waxed laces.
So it’s congrats to Stuarts and to Grenson for creating something truly outstanding this Xmas.
This collaboration is something truly special, and as they always sorry, while stocks last.