Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Xmas lists are not just for the ladies ...

ISN’T IT funny how the fairer sex always compile lists for Christmas presents, while the archetypal comment for men is; 'What would you buy the man who already has everything?'

Well, I actually do have practically everything, but the requirement for new clothes is always prescient and along with replenishing the drinks cabinet, cocktail menu and of course those continually vanishing butlers, yes I do have a very high turn over of them.

Anyway I digress, I Skylon am making a stand for men this Christmas and its starts with a quick ‘must have’ Xmas list.

In a bid to sound something like Jessie’s diet from that TV comedy The Fast Show, I will be mostly talking about Armani Jeans jumpers, Pendleton jumpers, some superb Adidas and Volta footwear plus a rather nice Barbour bag.

The Armani AW12 range is a good combination practical and stylish, the Maglia Melange sweater, which comes with a delicious use of button fastening (placket), in grey with black, or grey with cream, which is the Maglia Grigio.

This is a jumper, which smacks of working clothing, as well having an old school tie feel about it, combines a chest pocket, elbow patches and is frankly lovely with high quarter collars.

Going for a Christmas/winter style jumper is no longer the arena of Seventies TV celebrities, in fact I made the jump last year with a superb YMC jumper which I must say looked particularly fetching in our drunken reenactment of the Heroes of Telemark, I of course played Kirk Douglas. 

It is worth paying attention to the dimple chinned ones wardrobe during certain scenes in this classic movie, many of the looks and lines can be seen either in your wardrobe or in the design houses ranges you treasure today.

And although it may be correct to say the halls at King’s College, Oxford  may have been more Harry Potter than WWII Norway, that surely is a tale for another time.

The Pendleton Woollen Mills Shetland Fair Isle, which comes in blue or charcoal utilizes a shawl neck with stunning two button placket.

The pure wool chunky 3-gauge knit jumper sports the ‘classic’ traditional snowflake Fair Isle pattern.

Drop your Germans, as The Colonel would say, into a pair of the Pendleton Aztec gloves

These water repellent, fleece lined, leather palmed gloves are nothing if not stand out. 

The combination of wool and leather make these gloves a perfect winter warming winner.

Next up check out the Adidas Originals Quilt navy boots, which come in oak colour have been one of my favourites for a long time, but the new oak colour is a great winter addition.

These sheep fur lined canvas upper boots have a gripping rubber sole and are a limited edition, so hurry.

I was also very taken by the Volta platform grey napa boot. Designed for loggers these cold weather durable boots are a definite winner for these coming months. 

The handmade nubuck leather boots and sport the Vibran sole synonymous with Volta footwear.

The boot also comes in the red calf Mendocino boot, which sports the same styles in cowhide leather.

There is one bag that caught my ever roving eye, the Barbour striped wool Taras classic bag.
The embossed Barbour logo bag, which has leather fasteners and a webbing shoulder strap, also sports leather trims.

The striped colourways of the bag, means that every bag varys in design, making it somewhat unique.
That so far is the nuts and bolts of a great starting look for the winter season, all you have to do is drop in a nice pair of trousers, jeans, coat and hat and you are practically there. 

But there is plenty more time til the festive season comes, so plenty more lists to make, even if you have been good or bad.