Thursday, 8 November 2012

To protect and to serve: Victorinox

DURING my last trip to Switzerland, I was struck by two things, one the amount of alcohol I managed to drink without expiring, then again I was out with my old boozing pal the late Dickie Burton.

The second thing was the noises played at the airport or basically any large area of cows mooing noises.

Now having arrived at the airport 100% proof with cocktails, I was in need of apparel to keep myself warm after we went on commander activities with Richard Harris, Peter O’Toole and a litany of other Hollywood a-listers, firing off shotgun shells at anything that looked vaguely alive.

The thinning of my blood after 48 hours solid drinking and shooting led me to begin to drop body temperature, so I sent my butler to find me some suitable clothing, having taken all of his and burned them as part of a bonfire, designed to keep me warm.

It is always pleasing when a good idea becomes a better one, and returning with the stunning range of Victorinox jackets, led me to open another bottle of vodka, before slipping on the ice and firing some shot into said butler who was last seen grabbing his behind and running off up the Jura Mountains, I believe being the humanitarian that he is Richard Harris put the man out of his misery.

All heart the big fella.

I must say the first x Christopher Raeburn parka/bag issue is something that was near perfect for the occasion.

The olive fishtail parka, which sports two front chest and hand pockets, with some serious Primaloft Eco insulation, making the bonfire rather unnecessary in the end, with the full-length coat, transforming into a back pack in ‘six easy’ steps. 

This is really taking things to another level, but what do you expect with the Swiss all perfect timing and construction.

The Guard heritage jacket has a more military feel to it, the lightweight coat that comes in green, is slim fit with two chest pockets and two hand ones,it also sports a hood with zip closure, with zip fastening.

Following along the ‘back pack’ idea the packable x Christopher Raeburn olive vest, which doffs it’s hat, as did the parka to the iconic Swiss Army knife and field jacket.

The hooded, water repellent ‘body warmer’ shape vest, can be transformed into a packed bag.
Seeing is believing, so have a peak at the pictures, they show something really special indeed and comes in black as well.

Needless to say I was perfectly warm and also given plenty to keep me busy with the packing and unpacking of said jackets.

The remainder of the visit went slightly wrong if memory serves when Liz Taylor arrived to find us all naked running around with cuckoo clocks hanging in delicate places, with a shot of vodka and gin being imbibed every five minutes and cuckoo sounding and a shot cartridge fired into the roof of Burton manor …

But that’s a tale for another time …