Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Take cover in true London style ... 'Four'

WAS IT Flanagan and Allen who sang Umbrella Man? I think it was. I remember the good old musical hall days, the Royal Festival and Royal Albert Halls and the Hollywood Bowl were all once part of the Skylon family empire, even though the of course the state believed it owned the big old hall in London and of course, commoners like Flanagan and Allen would never have stepped foot in there.
Well, not with out my families permission. 

You see it was always such, we had the same problems with Kent, can you believe some people think the Garden of England is not private land, some even want to live there!!! With those that do, thinking they actually own their houses.

The cheek of some people.

As my old friend the colonel would say: ‘MORE NECK THAN A SWAN’. 

I don’t really know what he means by that as I also own all the swans in the country, despite what Her Maj says, I think she has a bloody cheek as well, but it's all in a good cause letting the old girl think she has ownership you know.
Anyway, the point I am getting at my pedigree chums is that when walking around my backyard of Kent it is sometimes preferable, especially at this time of the year.

I am not one for golf umbrellas, the last time I used one was when I played my last round of Shotgun Golf with HST, old cracker arse Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray and a few other ‘crazed ether driven animals’ as the Good Doctor would describe us all and of course Le Colonel himself, who took the sport a little too seriously bringing along a machine gun.

But that surely is a tale for another time?

Well what better way to protect myself whilst parading around the Garden, than with one of the superb London Undercover brollies? There are several on offer, but I will be sporting the YMC X Internal Navajo print umbrella this weekend, although to be honest the entire range looks pretty impressive.

The return of the brollie as part of the ‘quintessentially’ British look has in many ways been down to the aptly named Jamie Milestone, who launched his company LU four years ago, so it would also seem apt, that one of the countries newest and most progressive fashion labels YMC (found in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins) should team up to produce a cultured and slightly American leaning umbrella for the range.

The Navajo print piece uses two Navajo style prints on the the inside and out of the cover of the umbrella, with a special wooden tag marking the production of the item.
The poly cotton cover comes in a dark navy, with the handle and shaft being crafted form one single piece of dark brown maple wood.

It uses a one piece cover and is quite beautiful when opened and stylish when closed.
Also available in the range is the Lifesaver range, which utilizes the colours sported by the British life Boat rescue. The dark, navy and bright orange has a malacca wood hand, beech wood shaft with gunmetal tip cup and spokes. Of course the tip can come in very handy when having quaffed several bottles of poo at Kettner’s one attempts to become d’artagnan.

The item is nothing if not English man about town, or countryside as it were in may case and if big enough to cover any size bottle and glass combination safely from the falling rain. The City Gent range also comes in green on the main cover or olive as it is described really gives a superb colour range.

The more simplistic black & white Houndstooth is a classic umbrella, using maple wood handles and shaft combo again, with London Undercover etched into it. The fully wind proof brolly does not have the curved handle of the others, preferring a straight finish and is made from recycled products, which should give the user a nice feeling as they are shielding themselves from the falling acid rain. 

Only joking.

The range is the perfect look for many of the superb winter designs such as the Gibson London Twill or Herringbone Sage blazers, the YMC multi-knitted wool jumper and of course looks like it is related to the Pointer Shoes Pointer x Porter Yoshida & Co rucksack.

I also think it’s the perfect accompaniment to the Common People NEP wool burgundy parka or the delicious Lacoste live duck down Escardon jacket, why not drop in one of the Pendleton woollen mills Fireside Virgin wool shirts. All stunning stuff, but before I pop my cork, I am off for a quick memorial round of Shotgun golf.

And for the uninitiated, here is the Good Doctors incredible sport, best played when fueled by several quarts of tequila.