Thursday, 15 November 2012

Boot on the right foot with Volta

BEFORE you judge a man walk a mile in his shoes they say, I prefer to be carried by my butler or to use my Lear jet, but I am sure I wouldn’t mind walking a fair few miles in the new Volta Special Jacquard Hamawi mids or Special Pack Jacquard Low.

Using ancient Italian textile patterns that make this shoe even more stand out than the ordinary Volta designs.

The blue tone jacquard pattern runs along the main of this dual fabric design.
The classic zig zag sole by Vibram, which is in lighter blue sets off the boots perfectly against the brown leather heel end.

These boots are a superb move on from the hiking boot stylings from which it hails and nice winter addition to any wardrobe and come in mid-boot and low Atuami brown or shoe, which comes with a brown sole, brown tone jacquard pattern and darker brown leather.

The zig zag design covers more of the shoe than with the boot, but one thing both designs share is that they are limited editions, so hurry as they won’t be hanging around for long, just like this cocktail.