Saturday, 3 November 2012

A right load of balls, well boots actually

I’VE NEVER been one for basketball, if truth be known. Far too much running around, wooden courts are not conducive to spilling cocktails, makes for very dangerous conditions.

Another aspect is they are so bloody tall, my attempts to ‘shoot a hoop’ on the shoulders of my childhood butler Schevaliar, himself a French Polynesian man mountain was both ill thought out and clumsy, to say the least, all dropped balls, cocktail umbrellas and ice cubes all over Schevas golf fish bowl size head plus a score line of ‘nil point’. 

Not exactly the Dream Team.

There has always been one aspect to the sport that I have liked it’s cult fashions, making strutting around the Empire wing of Skylon Manor like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Damon Bailey a lot easier, cocktail friendly you might say.

In that area things have just got a lot easier with the release of two superb pieces of footwear with the Basket Profi OG boot being the first out of the blocks.

My first view of the Adidas Originals boot reminds me of the old Seventies comic book adverts for the Harlem Globetrotters.

The soft leather nubuck boots which come in white and uses shades of the colour, with a greyish white on the shoes body, an off white gum rubber vintage sole and pure white three stripes, laces and ankle.
The white sole remains on the black boot version, and uses similar colour tones in the main colour choice.

The perforated toe boot is a real trip down memory lane Harlem style, gone are the carbunkle ankle protectors of later boots, just a streamlined finish that works wonders.

Coming out of the New World stable the Hi Action boot from Nike using similar archive stylings to its German counterpart, the suede upper, rubber sole lace up boot, sports the cult Swoosh symbol with Nike lettering on the heel.

It makes a welcome addition to the Nike mid-boot range. You can also check out the Hi Team, that comes in a dark red.

Now if only Scheva was alive, that champagne cork incident in the halls at Eton college was a tad unfortunate, I could have thrown a few hoops.

Oh well it must be l’heure de l’apéritif instead then.