Friday, 12 October 2012

Who is the daddy?

WHAT A BUSY morning it has been at Skylon Manor, after several large rhesus negatives on the croquet lawn, followed by a round keel and haul with Hubert in the new Olympic sized swimming pool we have just had sunk in the French quarter of the garden, along with setting the hounds on the blighter after he spilt my mid-morning livener of champagne cocktails. 

The drink itself is made in litre batches comprising one part petrol, two bottles of the widow and some 100 per cent proof white rum smuggled in from Jamaica up the arse of an Argentine Criollo mare, courtesy of my old friend The Colonel.
The livener, as per usual made me go blind for an hour, something my father always said distinguished it from other heart-starters, and having awoke on the bonnet of the Bentley, which had somehow carried into a cake shop in the nearby village of Mayfair, I suddenly felt a chill in the air.
Time for some winter jackets I thought and with my father in my mind I wondered abut the daddy of all coats?
I first cast my eye over the Marshall Artist vintage M-65 coats, which are parka style, with a superb two-tone grey body with electric blue arms. This is a cracker jack of a jacket, and provides superb waterproofing and wind resistance.
The high neck and string fasteners remind me of last season’s Heritage Research parkas and the jacket come in a beige arm muted navy blue body finish as well. Their nautical Vintage that comes in yellow has some superb touches, and has a simpler front than the others preferring three hooks to seal the front of the coat. All the jackets have hoods and really well priced.
The Woolrich Arctic parkas are your classic full-length fur hood trimmed jacket, button and zip through, these have two large pockets on the front and are in olive or navy. It is funny how certain things, such as opening the ballroom French windows and firing a few shots at the gardeners after three cheeky bottles of Chateau Margaux.
The new Kasson range of jackets from Penfield are also very fetching, similar in body shape to the MA coats they boast four front pockets, zip and fastener with built in hoods. They come in burgundy and navy, while the Camo number went down well with me, I am interested in some woodland John Rambo style hunting to shake Hubert up a bit now the evenings are closing in and the sky begins to bruise in the late afternoon.

So with these fine garments around, it seems harsh to pick the best one or the ‘daddy’ as I stated earlier, but not on the grounds of any form of superiority more of a historic stand point surely the CP Company duck down navy jacket (based on the iconic Mille Miglia) which still to this day gives me butterflies.
The revered goggle hood, waterproof coat provides class, comfort and just says it all really. Named after the Italian wide road race, which due to being blind drunk every year, I have failed to not only wake up on time, but even make it to Northolt to take my private jet to the start line. Maybe that will be this year’s resolution? Who knows, and surely that will be a story for another time?