Thursday, 11 October 2012

Stepping out

I CLEARLY remember saying to Hillary and Tenzing as we traversed the Khumba Icefall during a cocktail and cheese party climb up Everest of the importance of good footwear, for all occasions.
I am not sure that Hillary paid too much attention to me, he had necked at least very frozen Mojitos by that time and although he had famously climbed the muntain first, or second depending on how you look at it. Going back to rescue a bottle of grenadine to prepare tequila sunrises once they had reached the summit, cost him dear, but the old boy shied away from that in an books on the climb.
I did feel slightly miffed that my efforts to provide top quality beverages for the entire climb, even sacrificing a bag of salt, specifically carried by Hubert for Magharittas, to defrost some climbers fingers, did not end with a piece of the climb being named after me. So it was the Hillary Step, was born.
Taking the best step though was always something I prided myself on and the new range of Volta footwear would have been ideal to cut a rug on that famous olld hillside in Nepal, or anywhere come to that.
The Special pack Jacquard Low, which comes in Atuami brown. The shoe is a fitting place to start with its beautiful cross stitch detailing on the side, along with the famous zig zag sole patterning, using premium rubber, the Gumlite. The shoe combines superb craftsmanship, using premium leather, which are also used on the laces.
Although more of a lightweight boot the classic comes in a new series of colours, mid green and blue.
The cae up boot, which has delicious stitck detailing, with Ton-sur-ton intalian buffalo leather combined with a felt back to the boot. The Vibram Voltage sole in a soft white makes the perfect finish.
Rounding out the range comes the platform red calf Mendocina boot, which is simply a taller boot than the classic, with six eyelets, and a larger heal felt section. Am edged sole ensures the boot is usuable for light hiking or walking, but they also look superb and you may just fancy trekking around the golf club bar with them instead.
The boot comes with butter-sift Italian purple cowhide leather, but I get Hubert to ensure they are support soft by licking them on a dialy basis for several hours, well I pay him minimum wage so he bloody well has to earn it.
I must say that I was also taken with the sporty boot look of the Adidas quilt cracan light bone boot. The hiking boot which has sheep fur lining and a wonderful quilted top half in beige, black lower and edged rubber sole. Clip fastening and laces ensure the boot remains steadfast, even when kicking Hubert late at night in the dark of the wine cellar at Skylon Manor.
One extra touch that I brought along for one of our recent rides up the hill for cocktails and some ice bear sherpa shooting was the Pendleton motor robe
These superbly crafted ‘Steamer rugs’ come sin three authentic tartans and measure 52’x66’. Pure virgin wool really is the only way to protect your rear and coming with a leather carrier, handle and shoulder strap, coming in green, muir and charcoal, also provide a great way to slide back down to base camp for some Apres Ski later around the roaring harth.
Well why not?