Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ready for Weekender

HEY HO pop pickers, mmm maybe that’s not the best introduction to use at present, but you get my drift. I have just hot footed it, well first class, via British Airways, the Onedin Line and Von Ryan’s Express from Chicago having watched the New World hopefuls take ‘one hell of a beating’ in the Ryder Cup.
Having quaffed several scooners of sherry in the during the three day golfing bonanza, and thoroughly enjoyed giving a bit of the old tea party spirit back to the youngsters over the pond I was struck by one thing, a terrible drive from that grumpy chap Woods. I thrashed my man servant soundly for failing to catch the ball and protect me, the foul jelly that he is.
Apart from that the trip was uneventful, although, always thinking about penning a few words for my newest interest ‘blogging’, I was stunned to see John Terry out of prison and patrolling the greens of Medinha sporting his best golfing kit.
As I watched I suddenly spotted a seamless link between said footballer and one of the latest labels to grace Stuarts, Weekend Offender.
Having kicked Hubert (Man Servant) several times laughing at this particularly good wheeze, well Terry is a Weekend Offender extraodinaire.
Not usually the attire of golfing I have fallen for the parkas introduced by this cult label, and the names are befitting of the designs with the camouflage hooded Rebels coat sporting button front fastening, three pockets, chest and front.
Superbly crafted, with beautiful detailing these jackets are standout, including those buttons with green edging. Very nice. Reminds me of a cocktail I once drank in Bangkok whilst out with the famous female ping ping artisté Missy Mayflower, it's a png story involving, said Missy, a gallons of cocktails called the Armed Warrior, a lion and a high speed motorboat, but that's for another time.
The Nightmare red putty jacket is again on the parka line, with bell pockets, a two tone coluring, similar to the Tiger pelt I have lining the entrance hall to Skylon Manor, although a slightly brighter red if I am honest.
The hood on the coat, which is zip and button front, is drawstring adjustable and is waxed cotton. The beige colouring is at the bottom of the coat and the lining features a tube map, a nice touch and maintaining the footballing link the label espouses. Not that I know much about that particular working class game, politics and land grabbing being one of the only time I really come into to contact with the oi polloi.
All part of the ‘Category A’ range I found the terrace legend, prison cell a nice twist on some quality ‘streetwise’ garment. I did have some ex-convicts one work for the Skylon family once, they did a bit of gardening and excavating in a land grab deal a long lost relative sorted out, you may have heard of it a place called Australia?