Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Loving the glove-in

FAR BE it for me challenge the Entente cordiale between ourselves and our French cousins, I mean I have quaffed and slurped countless bottles and magnums of the nation’s finest wines, cheeses and other culinary delights, even being known to court the old madam Francais along the way, but the gloves are definitely off this winter.

Many people may well confuse this tussle or Choc de la journée as a sporting one, Fred Perry the English tennis tiger and Lacoste 'the crocodile', but this battle has nothing to do with the two week summer sport, but the fashion houses latest releases and it really is nip and tuck to decide who comes out on top.

Starting across the English Channel or la Manche then and of course I had to carry out extensive research which I sad to say has resulted in the drowning of my last man servant Hubert just along the Strait of Dover retrieving a stranded bottle of Louis XII RC 43.8, so at least it wasn’t a complete waste, although it did mean I had to shuffle the staff around to insure the continued supply of Foie Gras and champagne.

So despite Hubert’s best efforts to ruin the trip I managed to make it to dry land and began trawling bars and restaurants and of course several nefarious contacts I have in gay Paris.

At the heart of this fashion tussle is tradition, something I like to feel I have as I undertook the old family tradition of dropping my well-tailored trousers, to reveal my Sunspel boxer shorts in the middle of the Champs Elysées to sing my family song ‘Why was she born so beautiful’.
The Gendemarie are well versed in this family tradition, so a night in the cells was avoided and further revelry had. So Bon Chance to them I say.

So tradition is the staple of the Lacoste Live wool and leather gloves. They are knitted in the traditional style, sporting the iconic crocodile on the top of the right glove. Ribbed wrists ensure comfort and warmth as the old winter months close in, with the fleece lining making them a superbly suitable selection.
OK so enough of the alliteration, the gloves have a leather palm, in the black or noir gloves coming in red, while in the asphalite (grey) the palm is a contrast tan colour.

You may feel you are really rolling back the year with the Fred Perry entries, which are ribbed fingerless gloves coming in grey or mahogany.

The Merino cotton and wool mix glover are also a touch of tradition, with the ribbed glove finished off with an embroidered laurel logo in both hand by the wrists. On the mahogany gloves the logo is gold, on the grey it is in French blue, ironically.

Maybe that is the thing about this particular battle, they are ironically both as good as each other and make a welcome edition to a winter wardrobe.