Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Freedom of choice

THIS time of year is always a dilemma for me and my chums, the city tends to be slightly sleepier than usual and what with the oi polloi of the House off on its extended summer vacation all is quiet in the capital, so one is faced with the dilemma of beach or countryside.

There are always choices and in some cases a choice is good, keeps your man servant on his toes, (to use the vernacular) champagne cocktails or large rhesus negatives as a morning heart starter? Eggs Benedict or smoked salmon? You can see the situation I find myself in on a daily basis.
Having chosen the remain firmly ensconced on these shores, Mustique has been rather cheapened by the arrival of the rock star clique I find, the plethora of social events to choose between has left me rather perplexed.

August is always one of the finest when it comes to range, and having just spent a wonderful afternoon picking birds off whilst imbibing jugs of claret, I refer of course to the Glorious Twelfth I am now in celebratory mood to the wonders of choice.

I am not one for always sticking to tradition of course, preferring Heckler and Koch, my MP5 to be precise, to Perdy when it comes to bagging a few grouse in between bleary eyed snoozes, being carried around the Scottish moors on sort of thrown, which was all rather fun. 

That reminds I must send some flowers and a card of condolence to my former man servant's wife. So unfortunate, but if you will stand in front of me while I am firing a loaded weapon and drunk as a lord then, well, there will be a price to pay.

I will get the new incumbent in the role to pen something suitable.

Well choices are always good and the new Adidas Originals arrivals provide just that … sports, casual, running, football, blimey I am exhausted just thinking about it.

A lovely take on the icon that is the Gazelle II, is the first thing to prick my interest the dark green and gold shoe smacks of Australia, oh the time we would travel over and thrash the locals at cricket during the timeless tests, jolly japes. But the shoe itself is just perfect and is equally supported by the dark royal blue and red version, both being new colour ways for this year and limited in release.

Taking a rightful place in the pantheon of the Dazzler, comes the Spezial dark royal trainer, with rubber sole and delicious suede upper, the contrast heal and stripes make this an understated winner.
The running side of things, generally not something I do, unless after my man servant to give him a jolly good beating, but I do like to look the part as you may have gathered and the superbly bright ZX700 in the white, royal and gold and the red, white and blue, very Olympic in my opinion.

The Adistar range is a real hark back to the 70s for me, maybe it’s the combination of thinner sole and off white upper sole, I do not know, but it evokes great memories and emotions for me, or it could just be the fourth bottle of Chateau Lafitte, a cheeky little Bordeaux for lunch at Rules.

The three colour sets are Cragol black, Cragol being a muted sunburst yellow, the Racer dark royal and Unired and black, all are muted colours with contrast heals and make for some very interesting stylings.
I approve.